Vol 55 (2013)

Table of Contents

Articles for Printed Issues

A note on travelling waves in competitive reaction systems
Larry K. Forbes 1-13
A transformation method for solving Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equation for constrained dynamic stochastic optimal allocation problem
Daniel Sevcovic, Sona Kilianova 14-38
On Laguerre-Sobolev type orthogonal polynomials, zeros and electrostatic interpretation
Luis Alejandro Molano Molano 39-54
Some inequalities for theoretical spatial ecology
Paul Slade 55-68
A new formula for Adomian's polynomials and the analysis of its truncated series solution for fractional non-differentiable initial value problemss
Mohamed Meabed Khader 69-92
Biased random walks, partial differential equations and update schemes
Kerry Anne Landman 93-108
A CARTopt method for bound constrained global optimization
Christopher John Price, Blair Lennon Robertson, Marco Reale 109-128
An optimal dividend policy with delayed capital injections
Zhuo Jin, George Yin 129-150
Blow-up of the non-equivariant 2+1 dimensional wave map
Ralf Peter 151-161
On the existence of chaotic behavior in simple and pure microbial competition: the role of Contois kinetics
Abdelhamid Ajbar, Mohamed Asif, Emad Ali 162-174
Three-dimensional wave-free potentials in the theory of water waves
B. N. Mandal 175-195
Modelling of resistive pulse sensing: flexible methods for submicron particles
Geoff Willmott 197-213
Hopf bifurcation analysis for a ratio-dependent predator-prey system involving two delays
H. Merdan 214-231
Exact Solutions for Interfacial Outflows with Straining
Larry K. Forbes, Michael A. Brideson 232-244
Optimal \(L_{2}\) estimates for semidiscrete Galerkin method applied to parabolic integro-differential equations with nonsmooth data
Amiya Kumar Pani, Deepjyoti Goswami, Sangita Yadav 245-266
Membrane coupled gravity wave scattering by a vertical barrier with a gap
Srinivasa Rao Manam 267-288
New development of non-rigid registration
Guojun Gordon Liao, Hsi-Yue Hsiao, Chih-Yao Hsieh, Yongyi Gong, Xiaonan Luo, Xi Chen 289-297

Articles for Electronic Supplement

Slip at the surface of an oscillating spheroidal particle in a micropolar fluid PDF BibTeX
H. H. Sherief, M. S. Faltas, Elsayed I Saad E1--E50
The new streamline diffusion for the 3D coupled Schrodinger equations with a cross-phase modulation PDF BibTeX
Davood Rostamy E51--E78
On the convergence properties of the modified Polak--Ribiere--Polyak method with the standard Armijo line search PDF BibTeX
Lijun Li, Weijun Zhou E79--E89

Proceedings Engineering Mathematics and Applications Conference

Proceedings of the 11th Engineering Mathematics and Applications Conference HTML BibTeX
Mark Ian Nelson, Judith Bunder, Tara Julia Hamilton, Michael Jennings
Pulse-coupled neural network performance for real-time identification of vegetation during forced landing PDF BIB
David James Warne, Ross Hayward, Neil Kelson, Jasmine Banks, Luis Mejias C1--C16
Exploiting GPUs to investigate an inversion method that retrieves cardiac conductivities from potential measurements PDF BIB
Barbara Johnston, Josef Barnes C17--C31
Characterising an ECG signal using statistical modelling: a feasibility study PDF BIB
Timothy Alexis Bodisco, Jason D'Netto, Neil Kelson, Jasmine Banks, Ross Hayward, Tony Parker C32--C46
Enhancement of flow mixing in micro and nano channels PDF BIB
Ameeya Kumar Nayak C47--C63
Deformation of a single red blood cell in a microvessel PDF BIB
Hasitha Nayanajith Polwaththe Gallage, Suvash C. Saha, YuanTong Gu C64--C79
Formation of the three-dimensional geometry of the red blood cell membrane PDF BIB
Hasitha Nayanajith Polwaththe Gallage, Suvash C. Saha, YuanTong Gu C80--C95
Applying Bayesian networks and belief propagation to error correction coding PDF BIB
Willem Clifford Olding, Jan Olivier, Brian Salmon C96--C109
Analysis of deformations of plant tissues during drying by a coupled SPH-DEM model PDF BIB
Chaminda Prasad Karunasena Helambage, Wijitha Senadeera, Richard J Brown, Yuan Tong Gu C110--C137
3D digitisation of plant leaves PDF BIB
Daryl Matthew Kempthorne, Mark Barry, Jerzy A Zabkiewicz, Joseph Young C138--C152
On quantiles of the temporal aggregation of a stable moving average process and their applications PDF BIB
Adrian Barker C153--C167
Bayesian variable selection and modelling for metastatic breast cancer data PDF BIB
Sarini Sarini, James McGree, Kerrie Mengersen C168--C181
Cost optimization of a software reliability growth model with imperfect debugging and a fault reduction factor PDF BIB
Taduru Manjula, Madhu Jain, T.R. Gulati C182--C196
Characterizations of the transmuted inverse Weibull distribution PDF BIB
Muhammad Shuaib Khan, Robert King, Irene Hudson C197--C217
The macroscale boundary conditions for diffusion in a material with microscale varying diffusivities PDF BIB
Chen Chen, Anthony John Roberts, Judith Bunder C218--C234
Accurate temporal resolution of harmonic content in both amplitude and phase PDF BIB
Damien Scott Holloway C235--C249
Optimization of machining parameters for fine turning operations based on the response surface method PDF BIB
Richard Horvath, Gyula Matyasi, Agota Dregelyi-Kiss C250--C265
'Studio' mathematics for undergraduate engineers PDF BIB
Lori Bassman, Darryl Yong C266--C281
Sensor requirements for in situ imaging of multiple damage by Lamb waves PDF BIB
Eugene Chan, L. R. Francis Rose, Chun Wang C282--C296
Slipping between the cracks? Maximising the effectiveness of prerequisite paths in UTS Maths degrees PDF BIB
Stephen Woodcock, Stephen Bush C297--C314
Optimally locating a junction point for an underground mine to maximise the net present value PDF BIB
Kashyapa Sirinanda, Marcus Brazil, Peter Grossman, Hyam Rubinstein, Doreen Thomas C315--C328
Determining the form of ordinary differential equations using model inversion PDF BIB
Bill Whiten C329--C347
Sludge formation in the activated sludge process with a sludge disintegration unit PDF BIB
Asma Alharbi, Mark Ian Nelson, Annette Worthy, Harvinder Sidhu C348--C367
Modified empirical fitting of the discharge behavior of LiFePO\(_4\) batteries under various conditions PDF BIB
Shin-Yi Lee, Wei-Li Chiu, Yi-Shuo Liao, Kung-Yen Lee, Jau-Horng Chen, Huei-Jeng Lin, Kang Li C368--C383
Optimization-based features extraction for K-complex detection PDF BIB
Zahra Roshan Zamir, Nadezda Sukhorukova, Helene Amiel, Adrien Ugon, Carole Philippe C384--C398
A geometric construction of travelling wave solutions to the Keller--Segel model PDF BIB
Kristen Harley, Peter van Heijster, Graeme John Pettet C399--C415
Dexterity of underactuated six degrees of freedom three dimensional redundant manipulators PDF BIB
Samer Yahya, Haider Abbas Almurib, Mahmoud Moghavvemi C416--C436

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