Vol 89, No 3 (2014)

Table of Contents


Improved upper bounds for odd multiperfect numbers
Y.-G. Chen, C.-E. Tang
Congruences modulo powers of 2 for Fu's 5 dots bracelet partitions
E. X. W. Xia, O. X. M. Yao
Primitive subgroups and PST-groups
A. Ballester-Bolinches, J. C. Beidleman, R. Esteban-Romeo
Wiener index of trees of given order and diameter at most 6
S. Mukwembi, T. Vetrik
Directional maximal operators and radial weights on the plane
H. Saito, H. Tanaka
Special maximal subgroups of \(p\)-groups
J. Cossey
Constructing permutation polynomials over finite fields
X. Qin, S. Hong
Counting symmetric bracelets
Y. Zelenyuk, Y. Zelenyuk
Variations on a theorem of Davenport concerning abundant numbers
E. Jennings, P. Pollack, L. Thompson
Incidence semirings of graphs and visible bases
J. Abawajy, A. V. Kelarev, M. Miller, J. Ryan
Unique representation bi-basis for the integers
R. Xiong, M. Tang
Symmetric algebras over rings and fields
T. C. Craven, T. L. Smith
Arithmetic properties of 1--shell totally symmetric plane partitions
M. D. Hirschhorn, J. A. Sellers
Locally finite groups whose subgroups have finite normal oscillation
F. de Giovanni, M. Martusciello, C. Rainone
Backward 3-step extensions of recursively generated weighted shifts: a range of quadratic hyponormality
G. R. Exner, I. B. Jung, M. R. Lee, S. H. Park
On a question of J.M. Rassias
W. Fechner
A note on the Polignac numbers
H. Pan
Finite higher commutators in associative rings
C. Lanski
A note on spaces with a strong rank 1-diagonal
W.-F. Xuan, W.-X. Shi
Some new characterisations of finite \(p\)-supersolvable groups
C. Li, N. Yang, N. Tang
Corrigendum to 'Conjugacy class size conditions which imply solvability'
Q. Kong, Q. Liu
Correction to `On the positivity of Riemann-Stieltjes integrals'
J. Lukkarinen, M. S. Pakkanen

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