Mathematics for Industry NZ Study Group 2016

Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand

4--8 July, 2016

This Special Section of the ANZIAM Journal (Electronic Supplement) contains the refereed papers from the 2016 Mathematics for Industry NZ Study Group (MINZ 2016) held at Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand from 4--8 July, 2016. The MINZ is a special interest meeting of ANZIAM, the Australia and New Zealand Industrial and Applied Mathematics division of the Australian Mathematics Society. MINZ was formed to provide a national entity to host workshops where companies pitch their problems to New Zealand’s mathematical scientists. They then work collaboratively to generate practical solutions through modelling, statistical analysis or computation.

Six challenges were presented from diverse industries, with more than 100 delegates participating.

All published papers were written by the problem moderators in consultation with the company representatives. The manuscripts were submitted to the editors, Professor Emeritus Graeme Wake and Professor Tony Roberts, and were subsequently refereed by two expert referees. On the advice of the referees manuscripts were accepted for publication, subject to the recommended revisions, and formally approved by the editorial committee.

Professor Emeritus Graeme Wake, and Professor Mark McGuiness
Deputy Directors
Dr Luke Fullard, A/Prof Winston Sweatman, and Dr Boris Baeumer
Administrative Officers
Dr Seumas McCroskery, KiwiNet Innovation Network, and Moana Pointon, Victoria University

Five invited speakers presented at the conference:

  • Professor Andrew Fowler, Professor of Applied Mathematics, University of Limerick and University of Oxford
  • Hon Steven Joyce, Minister of Business, Innovation and Employment
  • Professor Mike Wilson, Victoria University’s Pro-Vice Chancellor of Science
  • Dr Mary Quin, CEO Callaghan Innovation
  • Ambassador Toshihisa Takata, Japanese Ambassador to New Zealand


We acknowledge the immense work provided by the Challenge moderation teams. Their contributions have allowed for the reports in this booklet, along side the industry representatives who articulated the challenges in such a way to allow immediate deliberation. We thank those that worked tirelessly behind the scenes to allow for a smooth running event. Last but not least we thank everyone who came to MINZ and contributed your time and effort, to make such an event successful.

Industry challenges

Click on "Summaries" to download the booklet of equation free summaries.

Inter-regional variability of solar irradiance and implications for future solar PV generation on the New Zealand power system
Estimating the Weight of a Moving Article Across Multiple Weigh Points
Predicting fruit quality in the supply chain from harvest to market
Predicting the shelf life of milk powders through mathematical modelling and statistically robust experimental design
Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
Obtaining smoother probabilistic distribution of ensemble climate prediction output produced by global climate models, and Plant population issues in ecology (self-thinning)
New Zealand Steel
Hot strip mill finisher gap set up model

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