Monash, Australia

27--30 November 2016

CTAC2016 was the 18th biennial Computational Techniques and Applications Conference, and took place at Monash University from 27-30 November, 2016. The ANZIAM Special Interest Group in Computational Techniques and Applications is responsible for the CTAC meetings, the first of which was held in 1981. Mike Osborne recorded some of the early history of CTAC in this online article [ANZIAM J(E), 42 (2000)]

This Special Section of the ANZIAM Journal (Electronic Supplement) contains the refereed conference papers.

Eight invited speakers participated in the conference:

  • Bernd Brugmann, Theoretical Physics Institute, University of Jena
    Numerical general relativity
  • Regina Burachik, University of South Australia
    Asymptotic Lagrangian duality for nonsmooth optimization
  • Alys Clark, University of Auckland
    Taming structural complexity in mathematical models of the placenta
  • Josef Dick, University of New South Wales
    Quasi-Monte Carlo methods and PDEs with random coefficients
  • Bishnu Lamichhane, University of Newcastle
    Finite element computations using locally supported biorthogonal systems
  • Scott MacLachlan, Memorial University of Newfoundland
    Multigrid methods with space-time concurrency
  • Robert McLachlan, Massey University
    Recent progress in geometric numerical integration
  • Murray Rudman, Monash University
    Turbulent pipe flow of generalised Newtonian fluids

Alys Clark from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, presented a public lecture entitled Virtual Placentas to Help Make Pregnancy Healthier.

The conference attracted a further 57 contributed talks. All articles appearing in the CTAC2016 proceedings have been peer reviewed by at least two referees, and in most cases undergone revision prior to acceptance.

The editors, Jerome Droniou, Michael Page, and Simon Clarke, thank all of the referees whose efforts contribute greatly to the quality of the conference proceedings.

CTAC2016 Organising Committee

  • Simon Clarke, Monash University, Co-chair
  • Jerome Droniou, Monash University, Co-chair
  • Leo Brewin, Monash University, Treasurer
  • Michael Page, Monash University
  • Barry Croke, ANU
  • Hugh Blackburn, Monash University
  • Hans De Sterck, Monash University

CTAC2016 Scientific Committee

  • Kate Smith-Miles, Monash University, Chair
  • Markus Hegland, ANU
  • Richard Clarke, Auckland University
  • Murray Rudman, Monash University
  • Steven Armfield, Sydney University
  • Bernd Meyer, Monash University
  • Ian Turner, QUT
  • Vincent Lemiale, CSIRO


We gratefully acknowledge support from the following organisations:

  • The School of Mathematical Sciences, Monash University;
  • MAXIMA, Monash University;
  • Modelling & Simulation Society of Australia and New Zealand;
  • The CSIRO-ANZIAM Student Support Scheme.

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