Flow simulation of a two dimensional rectangular supersonic convergent divergent nozzle


  • Sudharshani Ekanayake
  • John Anthony Gear
  • Yan Ding




supersonic nozzle, jet plume region, turbulence modelling, nozzle flow separation, boundary layer, SST model of Mentor, shock waves


A two dimensional convergent-divergent nozzle with a rectangular cross section is modelled under ambient conditions experienced by a supersonic jet engine at cruising altitude. Instability due to shock wave formation at the divergent section of the nozzle and Mach shocks downstream of the jet plume region is investigated. The nozzle:pressure ratio significantly affects the location of shock formation along the wall downstream of the nozzle. The numerical study is carried out to understand the influence of the nozzle geometry and increase of nozzle:pressure ratio on flow properties downstream of the nozzle and the external jet plume region. Computation is carried for nozzle geometry of~$1.5$ and~$1.66$ with a divergent angle of~$2.801^\circ$ and~$3.89^\circ$ respectively. The shear stress transport model is used. References
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Proceedings Engineering Mathematics and Applications Conference