EMAC 2011

Sydney, Australia

4--7 December 2011

This Special Section of the ANZIAM Journal (Electronic Supplement) contains the refereed papers from the 10th Biennial Engineering Mathematics and Applications Conference (EMAC2011) held at University Technology Sydney in December 2011. The EMAC series of conferences is held under the auspices of the Engineering Mathematics Group (EMG)---a special interest group of the Australian and New Zealand Industrial and Applied Mathematics division of the Australian Mathematics Society. The meeting provides a forum for researchers interested in the development and use of mathematical methods in engineering and applied mathematics. A further theme of the conference is the mathematical education of applied mathematicians and engineers.

The EMAC meetings take place biennially since 1994. EMAC 2003 marked a change to holding the meeting in odd numbered years. Participants came from France, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, UK and the USA, as well as Australia and New Zealand. We are very pleased to see such international support for EMAC.

Six keynote papers were presented at the conference:

  • Understanding trends, step changes and the influence of climate indices on rainfall in South Australia
    Professor Simon Beecham, University of South Australia
  • Applications of mathematics to nanotechnology and materials
    Professor Sean Hendy, Victoria University of Wellington
  • The VPH/Physiome Project and the role of engineering mathematics in computational physiology
    Professor Peter Hunter FRS, University of Auckland
  • Teaching mathematics with technology
    Dr Birgit Loch, Swinburne University of Technology
  • Practical insight through asymptotic and perturbation analysis
    Dr Tanya Tarnopolskaya, Commenwealth Scientific and Industiral Resarch Organisation
  • Space Geodesy: Current techniques, challenges and some unsolved problems
    Dr Christopher Watson, University of Tasmania

In addition to the invited presentations, 83 contributed papers, including 34 by students, were presented at the conference. All of the articles included in the EMAC 2011 Proceedings have been peer reviewed by at least two referees, and revised (when required) to satisfy the referees comments.

The editors thank all of the referees who gave generously of time and effort.

EMAC 2011 Organising Committee

  • Mary Coupland (Chair, UTS)
  • Mark Nelson (Co-chair, UoW)
  • Bill Blyth (AMSI)
  • Anne Gardner (UTS)
  • Tim Langtry (UTS)
  • Julia Memar (UTS)
  • Beverley Moore (UTS)


We gratefully acknowledge support from the following organisations:

  • Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (for supporting students to attend the conference through the The CSIRO-ANZIAM Student Support Scheme).
  • University of Technology Sydney.

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