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Vol 42 (2000) An asymptotic analysis for the flow between deformable rotating rolls Abstract   PDF
Huu-Nhon Huynh
Vol 42 (2000) An implicit finite difference approximation to the one-dimensional transport equation Abstract   PDF
Frank G. Polanco, Robert L. May
Vol 42 (2000) Domain decomposition with Robin boundary conditions across a phase interface Abstract   PDF
Hugh M. Blackburn
Vol 42 (2000) Flow of a micropolar fluid bounded by a stretching sheet Abstract   PDF
A. Desseaux, N. A. Kelson
Vol 42 (2000) Numerical modelling of thermoelastic processes using nonlinear theories with thermal relaxation time Abstract   PDF
D. V. Strunin, R. V. N. Melnik, A. J. Roberts
Vol 42 (2000) On limited memory SQP methods for large scale constrained nonlinear least squares problems Abstract   PDF
Z. F. Li
Vol 42 (2000) Spectral element-Fourier methods applied to simulation of turbulent pipe flow Abstract   PDF
D. M. McIver, H. M. Blackburn, G. J. Nathan
Vol 42 (2000) Thin plate spline interpolation on an annulus Abstract   PDF
David R. Jenkins
Vol 42 (2000) A continuous minimax problem for calculating minimum norm polynomial interpolation points on the sphere Abstract   PDF
Robert S. Womersley
Vol 42 (2000) A direct search conjugate directions algorithm for unconstrained minimization Abstract   PDF
I. D. Coope, C. J. Price
Vol 42 (2000) A lattice refinement scheme for finding periodic orbits Abstract   PDF
B.I. Henry, S.D. Watt, S.L. Wearne
Vol 42 (2000) A mathematical model for heat transfer in grain store microclimates Abstract   PDF
Alexsandar Antic, James M. Hill
Vol 42 (2000) A non-standard branch and bound method for the Hamiltonian cycle problem Abstract   PDF
J.A. Filar, Jean B. Lasserre
Vol 42 (2000) A numerical model of a towed cable-body system Abstract   PDF
C. K. H. Chin, R. L. May, H. J. Connell
Vol 42 (2000) A parallel iterative linear system solver with dynamic load balancing Abstract   PDF
Peter Christen
Vol 42 (2000) A spectral coupled ocean-atmosphere model Abstract   PDF
R. C. Balgovind, C. S. Frederiksen, J. S. Frederiksen
Vol 42 (2000) A time-synchronous domain decomposition code for multiphysics systems Abstract   PDF
M. G. Trefry, J. Ohman, D. S. Whyte, G. B. Davis
Vol 42 (2000) A triangular coastal element developed for use in finite difference tidal models Abstract   PDF
David McInerney, John Noye
Vol 42 (2000) Accelerated methods for performing the LDLT decomposition Abstract   PDF
Peter E. Strazdins
Vol 42 (2000) Additive Schwarz preconditioners for a fully-discrete and symmetric boundary element method Abstract   PDF
Thanh Tran
Vol 42 (2000) An exponentially fitted enthalpy control volume algorithm for coupled fluid flow and heat transfer Abstract   PDF
Y.H. Wu, B. Wiwatanapataphee, R. Collinson, G. Zhang
Vol 42 (2000) An iterative analytic series method for Laplacian problems with free and mixed boundary conditions Abstract   PDF
W.W. Read
Vol 42 (2000) An Ostrowski type inequality in two dimensions using the three point rule Abstract   PDF
G. Hanna, P. Cerone, J. Roumeliotis
Vol 42 (2000) Analysis of measured stress data in a solid rocket motor Abstract   PDF
D.H. Smith, S.Y. Ho
Vol 42 (2000) Asymptotic approximations for vibrational modes of helices Abstract   PDF
T. Tarnopolskaya, F.R. de Hoog
Vol 42 (2000) Bifurcating combustion behaviour Abstract   PDF
R.O. Weber, G.N. Mercer, H.S. Sidhu
Vol 42 (2000) Calculation of droplet deformation at intermediate Reynolds number using a Volume of Fluid technique Abstract   PDF
David S. Whyte, Malcolm R. Davidson, Steven Carnie, Murray J. Rudman
Vol 42 (2000) Chaos, potential predictability and model validation of climate variations Abstract   PDF
C. S. Frederiksen, X. Zheng
Vol 42 (2000) Collapse of a cylinder of Bingham fluid Abstract   PDF
Malcolm R. Davidson, N. Hasan Khan, Y. Leong Yeow
Vol 42 (2000) Computational challenges in data mining Abstract   PDF
Markus Hegland
Vol 42 (2000) Convergence behaviour of deflated GMRES(m) algorithms on AP3000 Abstract   PDF
Kentaro Moriya, Takashi Nodera
Vol 42 (2000) Determination of velocity and stress discontinuities in quasi-static granular flows Abstract   PDF
Yong-Hong Wu, Roger Collinson
Vol 42 (2000) Development of a new integration algorithm for parallel implementation of the finite element elasto-plastic analysis Abstract   PDF
Z. Ding, S. Kalyanasundaram, L. Grosz, S. Roberts, M. Cardew-Hall
Vol 39 (1997) Effect of a moving boundary on the deformation of a poro-elastic cylinder Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
S. I. Barry, G. N Mercer
Vol 42 (2000) Filtering methods for finite-time normal modes and atmospheric error growth Abstract   PDF
Mozheng Wei, Jorgen S. Frederiksen, Steve Kepert
Vol 42 (2000) Flux-limiting and non-linear solution techniques for simulation of transport in porous media Abstract   PDF
M. Awad, I. Turner
Vol 42 (2000) Fractional step methods for the Navier-Stokes equations on non-staggered grids Abstract   PDF
S. W. Armfield, R. Street
Vol 42 (2000) Hermite cubic spline collocation methods with upwind features Abstract   PDF
Weiwei Sun
Vol 42 (2000) High dimensional wavelet smoothing Abstract   PDF
Ole Moller Nielsen
Vol 42 (2000) Holistic finite differences accurately model the dynamics of the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation Abstract   PDF
T. MacKenzie, A. J. Roberts
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