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Vol 59 (2017) ‘Mathematical exercise’ on a solvable stochastic control model for animal migration Abstract   PDF   BIB
Hidekazu Yoshioka
Vol 58 (2016) Based on SARIMA-BP hybrid model and SSVM model of international crude oil price prediction research Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Hua Luo, Xing Liu, Shuang Wang
Vol 58 (2016) Based on the PCA-ARIMA-BP hybrid model of stock price prediction research Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Hua Luo, Shuang Wang
Vol 57 (2015) Batch processing in a glass furnace Abstract
Neville Donald Fowkes, Andrew Bassom
Vol 45 (2003) Bayesian computations and efficient algorithms for computing functions of large, sparse matrices Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
M. Ilic, I. W. Turner, A. N. Pettitt
Vol 55 (2013) Bayesian variable selection and modelling for metastatic breast cancer data Abstract   PDF   BIB
Sarini Sarini, James McGree, Kerrie Mengersen
Vol 45 (2003) Behaviour of laminated circular glass plates Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
M. Z. Asik
Vol 54 (2012) Behaviour of the numerical entropy production of the one-and-a-half-dimensional shallow water equations Abstract   PDF   BIB
Sudi Mungkasi, Stephen Gwyn Roberts
Vol 51 (2009) Bending in extrusion of optical fibre preforms Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Yvonne Marie Stokes
Vol 55 (2013) Biased random walks, partial differential equations and update schemes Abstract
Kerry Anne Landman
Vol 57 (2015) Bifurcation analysis of a logistic predator–prey system with delay Abstract
Canan Celik, Gokcen Cekic
Vol 47 (2005) Bifurcation and periodic points in the $l_{1}$-norm minimization problem Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
R. D. Hill
Vol 59 (2017) Bi-level programming approach to optimal strategy for vendor-managed inventory problems under random demand Abstract
Yinxue Li, Zhong Wan, Jingjing Liu
Vol 54 (2012) Bilinear optimal control of the velocity term in a von Kármán plate equation Abstract
Jong Yeoul Park, Sun Hye Park, Yong Han Kang
Vol 43 (2001) Bin packing and covering with longest items at the bottom: online version Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
P. Manyem
Vol 51 (2009) Binary versus real coding for genetic algorithms: A false dichotomy? Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Janice Gaffney, Charles Pearce, David Green
Vol 49 (2007) Block monotone domain decomposition methods for a nonlinear anisotropic convection-diffusion equation Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Sophie Pack, Igor Boglaev
Vol 56 (2014) Block symplectic Gram–Schmidt method Abstract   PDF   BIB
Yoichi Matsuo, Takashi Nodera
Vol 48 (2006) Blood flow in a double output centrifugal artificial heart pump as a biventricular assist device Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Dongchoon Sin, Andy C. C. Tan, Neil Kelson, Gary Chadwick
Vol 49 (2007) Blood flow in S-shaped in-plane and out-of-plane coronary arteries Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Peter Johnston, Barbara Johnston
Vol 51 (2009) Blood flow in stenosed arteries using two way, fluid-structural interaction Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Colin Xu-Chao Chen, Yan Ding, John Anthony Gear
Vol 55 (2013) Blow-up of the non-equivariant 2+1 dimensional wave map Abstract
Ralf Peter
Vol 59 (2017) Bound states in weakly deformed waveguides: numerical versus analytical results Abstract
Paolo Amore, John P. Boyd, Francisco M. Ferna'ndez, Martin Jacobo, Petr Zhevandrov
Vol 44 (2002) Boundary control of a rotating Timoshenko beam Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Stephen W. Taylor, Stephen C. B. Yau
Vol 47 (2005) Boundary element computation of fresh water groundwater lenses Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
D. S. Holloway, L. K. Forbes
Vol 45 (2003) Boundary element methods in the prediction of the acoustic damping of ship whipping vibrations Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
D. S. Holloway, G. A. Thomas, M. R. Davis
Vol 52 (2010) Bounds for Hardy differences Abstract
Sabir Hussain, Josip Pecaric
Vol 57 (2015) Bounds on prices for Asian options via Fourier methods Abstract
Scott Alexander, Alexander Novikov, Nino Kordzakhia
Vol 51 (2009) Bridging the gap: teaching university mathematics to high school students Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Patrick John Higgins, D'Arcy Frederick Mullamphy, Shaun Richard Belward
Vol 48 (2006) Burnett function expansion with a bi-Maxwellian weight function for electron swarm physics Abstract   PDF   BibTeX   References
Kevin Francis Ness, R. D. White
Vol 49 (2007) Calculating the movement of MRI coils, and minimizing their noise Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Larry Forbes, Michael Brideson, Stuart Crozier, Peter While
Vol 59 (2017) Calculation of critical parameters for spontaneous combustion for some complex geometries using an indirect numerical method Abstract
Quanbing Luo, Dong Liang, Ting Ren, Jian Zhang
Vol 51 (2009) Calculation of linear ship waves Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
David C Scullen
Vol 54 (2012) Calculus from the past: multiple delay systems arising in cancer cell modelling Abstract
Graeme Charles Wake, Helen M Byrne
Vol 44 (2002) Can trained monkeys design flight controllers for hypersonic vehicles? Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
K. J. Austin, P. A. Jacobs
Vol 56 (2014) Cauchy integrals for computational solutions of master equations Abstract   PDF   BIB
Shev Macnamara
Vol 46 (2004) CFD simulation of dilute gas-solid two-phase flows with different solid size distributions in a curved $90^\circ $ duct bend Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
B. T. Kuan
Vol 50 (2008) Changes in flow and wall stresses through arterial constrictions offset from the centre of the vessel Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Charlene S. Chua, Gregory J. Sheard, Kris Ryan, Andreas Fouras
Vol 45 (2003) Chaos, fractals and machine learning Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Robert A. Pearson
Vol 55 (2013) Characterising an ECG signal using statistical modelling: a feasibility study Abstract   PDF   BIB
Timothy Alexis Bodisco, Jason D'Netto, Neil Kelson, Jasmine Banks, Ross Hayward, Tony Parker
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