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Vol 42 (2000) Hybrid algorithms for cyclically reduced convection-diffusion problems Abstract   PDF
M. Bhuruth, M. K. Jain, R. Boojhawon
Vol 42 (2000) Identification and classification of interesting variable stars in the MACHO database Abstract   PDF
W. Clarke, M. Hegland
Vol 42 (2000) Iterative methods for Lyapunov vectors and singular vectors and atmospheric predictability Abstract   PDF
Mozheng Wei, Jorgen S. Frederiksen
Vol 42 (2000) Least squares fitting of parametric surfaces to measured data Abstract   PDF
G. A. Watson
Vol 42 (2000) Least squares splines with variable knots using a smoothing spline basis Abstract   PDF
T. Prvan
Vol 42 (2000) Note on porous rotating disk flow Abstract   PDF
N. Kelson, A. Desseaux
Vol 42 (2000) Numerical methods for the TSD equation in conservation law form Abstract   PDF
Natalie J.T. Phillips, John A. Gear, Hing Hung
Vol 42 (2000) Numerical methods in inverse obstacle scattering Abstract   PDF
Rainer Kress
Vol 42 (2000) Numerical model of electrical potential within a human head Abstract   PDF
P.E. Rasser, M.D. Teubner, C.R. Clark
Vol 42 (2000) Numerical study of the stability of some explicit finite-difference methods for oscillatory advection Abstract   PDF
John Noye, David McInerney
Vol 42 (2000) Numerical techniques for simulating groundwater flow in the presence of temperature gradients Abstract   PDF
Irene Pestov
Vol 42 (2000) On discrete GB-splines Abstract   PDF
Boris I. Kvasov
Vol 42 (2000) On residual smoothing in ILUM-type preconditioning Abstract   PDF
Lutz Grosz
Vol 42 (2000) On some developments and evaluation of an Eulerian-Lagrangian method for the transport equation Abstract   PDF
F. Bierbrauer, W. K. Soh, W. Y. D. Yuen
Vol 42 (2000) On the inversion of sound channel data Abstract   PDF
M. R. Osborne
Vol 42 (2000) On weighted three point quadrature rules Abstract   PDF
P. Cerone, J. Roumeliotis, G. Hanna
Vol 42 (2000) Optimal numerical strategy for unsteady natural convection in two and three dimensions Abstract   PDF
Gary B. Brassington
Vol 42 (2000) Optimal program execution reversal Abstract   PDF
Andreas Griewank, Andrea Walther
Vol 42 (2000) Optimising the degree of data smoothing for locally adaptive finite element bivariate smoothing splines Abstract   PDF
M.F. Hutchinson
Vol 42 (2000) Parallelization of a finite element surface fitting algorithm for data mining Abstract   PDF
Peter Christen, Irfan Altas, Markus Hegland, Stephen Roberts, Kevin Burrage, Roger Sidje
Vol 42 (2000) Predicting transit times and flow concentrations of contaminants through a metropolitan sewage system Abstract   PDF
J. Barry, J. Crawford, P. Airey
Vol 42 (2000) Recovery of the boundary data for a linear second order elliptic problem with a nonlocal boundary condition Abstract   PDF
Hennie De Schepper, Marian Slodivcka
Vol 42 (2000) Robust and efficient solution of the 2D shallow water equation with domains containing dry beds Abstract   PDF
Stephen Roberts, Christopher Zoppou
Vol 42 (2000) Simulation of vortex shedding flows using high-order fractional step methods Abstract   PDF
M. P. Kirkpatrick, S. W. Armfield, J. H. Kent, T. Dixon
Vol 42 (2000) Solving the Navier-Stokes equations on a workstation cluster Abstract   PDF
S.E. Norris, S.W. Armfield
Vol 42 (2000) Some useful techniques for pointwise and local error estimates of the quantities of interest in the finite element approximation Abstract   PDF
T. Cao, D. W. Kelly, M. Ainsworth
Vol 39 (1997) Sparse inverse and characteristic polynomial of generalized arrow matrix Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Murray Dow
Vol 42 (2000) Spatial and temporal rainfall approximation using additive models Abstract   PDF
C. Zoppou, S. Roberts, M. Hegland
Vol 42 (2000) The linear sampling method for three-dimensional inverse scattering problems Abstract   PDF
David Colton, Klaus Giebermann, Peter Monk
Vol 42 (2000) The scalability of parallel computers for sparse QR factorisation Abstract   PDF
David J. Miron
Vol 42 (2000) Thermal ignition in rectangular and triangular regions Abstract   PDF
M.J. Sexton, C. Macaskill, B.F. Gray
Vol 42 (2000) Transonic flow calculations using a dimensional splitting method Abstract   PDF
Hing Hung, John A. Gear, Natalie J. T. Phillips
Vol 42 (2000) Twenty years of asymptotic correction for eigenvalue computation Abstract   PDF
Alan L. Andrew
Vol 42 (2000) Vibration of thick plates using finite strip-elements Abstract   PDF
J. Petrolito, B.W. Golley
Vol 55 (2013) 'Studio' mathematics for undergraduate engineers Abstract   PDF   BIB
Lori Bassman, Darryl Yong
Vol 55 (2013) 3D digitisation of plant leaves Abstract   PDF   BIB
Daryl Matthew Kempthorne, Mark Barry, Jerzy A Zabkiewicz, Joseph Young
Vol 58 (2016) hp-finite element method for coupled linear systems of mixed-order differential equations with boundary layer behaviour Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
David Farmer, David Ivers
Vol 52 (2010) A bioinformatic implementation of mutual information as a distance measure for identification of clusters of variables Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Chris Pardy, Susan Wilson
Vol 54 (2012) A biological process subject to noncompetitive substrate inhibition in a generalized flow reactor Abstract
Mark Ian Nelson, Timothy Nicholls, Norhayati Hamzah
Vol 56 (2014) A biological treatment of industrial wastewaters: Contois kinetics Abstract
Rubayyi Turki Alqahtani, Mark I. Nelson, Annette L. Worthy
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