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Vol 44 (2002) A boundary element method for steady infiltration from periodic channels Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Moh. Ivan Azis, David L.Clements, Maria Lobo
Vol 44 (2002) A boundary element method for the numerical solution of a class of elliptic boundary value problems for anisotropic inhomogeneous media Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Moh. Ivan Azis, David L. Clements, Wono S. Budhi
Vol 57 (2015) A calibration transform for families of spectroscopes Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Stephen William Taylor, Boris Baeumer, Ruanui Nicholson
Vol 54 (2012) A canonical model for stratified flow in estuaries and rivers Abstract   Untitled   BIB
Steven William Armfield, Nicholas Williamson, Michael Kirkpatrick, Stuart Norris
Vol 55 (2013) A CARTopt method for bound constrained global optimization Abstract
Christopher John Price, Blair Lennon Robertson, Marco Reale
Vol 57 (2015) A cell growth model adapted for the minimum cell size division Abstract
Bruce van Brunt, Saima Gul, Graeme Charles Wake
Vol 51 (2009) A Chebyshev pseudo-spectral method for solving fractional-order integro-differential equations Abstract
N. H. Sweilam, M. M. Khader
Vol 50 (2008) A Class of Mix Design Problems: Formulation, Solution Methods and Applications Abstract
Zhong Wan, K T Teo, Ling Shuang Kong, Chunhua Yang
Vol 55 (2013) A closed-form pricing formula for variance swaps with mean-reverting Gaussian volatility Abstract
Liwei Zhang
Vol 56 (2014) A combined adaptive control parametrization and homotopy continuation technique for the numerical solution of bang–bang optimal control problems Abstract
M. A. Mehrpouya, M. Shamsi, M. Razzaghi
Vol 56 (2014) A combined first-order and second-order variation approach for multiplicative noise removal Abstract
Le Jiang, Jin Huang, Jun Liu, Xiao-Guang Lv
Vol 56 (2014) A compact fourth-order spatial discretisation applied to the Navier-Stokes equations Abstract   PDF   BIB
Linjing Zhou, Steven Armfield
Vol 52 (2010) A comparison of critical time definitions in multilayer diffusion Abstract
Roslyn I. Hickson, Steven I. Barry, Harvinder S. Sidhu, Geoffry N. Mercer
Vol 45 (2003) A comparison of Eulerian and Lagrangian schemes for the simulation of an incompressible planar jet Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
P. L. Morgan, D. Auld, S. W. Armfield
Vol 54 (2012) A comparison of finite difference and finite volume methods for solving the space-fractional advection-dispersion equation with variable coefficients Abstract   PDF   BIB
Hala Hejazi, Tim Moroney, Fawang Liu
Vol 59 (2017) A comparison of Gaussian, Student-t and vine copulas for modelling geophysical measurements along a rock drill core Abstract   PDF   BIB
Emmanuel Addo Jr, Emmanuel Knox Chanda, Andre Viggo Metcalfe
Vol 52 (2010) A comparison of interval methods in symbolic circuit analysis applications Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Balavelan Thanigaivelan, Tara Julia Hamilton, Adam Postula
Vol 54 (2012) A comparison of multi-objective optimisation metaheuristics on the 2D airfoil design problem Abstract   PDF   BIB
Seyedali Mirjalili, Tim Rawlins, Jan Hettenhausen, Andrew Lewis
Vol 46 (2004) A comparison of staggered and non-staggered grid Navier--Stokes solutions for the 8:1 cavity natural convection flow Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
S. Armfield, R. Street
Vol 49 (2007) A computational method for solving two dimensional linear Fredholm integral equations of the second kind Abstract
Sedaghat Shahmoard, Abolfazl Tari
Vol 50 (2008) A computational neuron model based on Poisson-Nernst-Planck theory Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Paul Marlon Nanninga
Vol 47 (2005) A computationally effective predictor-corrector method for simulating fractional order dynamical control system Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
C. Yang, F. Liu
Vol 51 (2009) A computer laboratory program in engineering mathematics to enhance mathematical conceptualisation Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Raymond Summit
Vol 50 (2008) A conceptual model for the origins of geothermal and volcanic activity in the North Island of New Zealand Abstract
Alex McNabb
Vol 53 (2011) A continuum model of the growth of engineered epidermal skin substitutes Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Matthew Philip Adams, Dann G. Mallet, G. J. Pettet
Vol 45 (2003) A corrected quadrature formula and applications Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Nenad Ujevic, A. J. Roberts
Vol 56 (2014) A coupled FEM-BEM algorithm for the inverse acoustic medium problem Abstract   PDF   BIB
Sherwin Bagheri, Stuart Collin Hawkins
Vol 45 (2003) A diffusion--modified quadrature finite element method for nonlinear reaction--diffusion equations Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
M. Ganesh, K. Mustapha
Vol 48 (2006) A dimension adaptive sparse grid combination technique for machine learning Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Jochen Garcke
Vol 48 (2006) A direct search method for smooth and nonsmooth unconstrained optimization Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Christopher John Price, M. Reale, B. L. Robertson
Vol 59 (2017) A direct search quasi-Newton method for nonsmooth unconstrained optimization Abstract
Christopher John Price
Vol 51 (2009) A divergence free fractional step method for the Navier-Stokes equations on non-staggered grids Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Steven William Armfield, Nicholas Williamson, Michael Kirkpatrick, Robert Street
Vol 54 (2012) A dual-reciprocity boundary element method for steady infiltration problems Abstract
Imam Solekhudin, K. C. Ang
Vol 47 (2005) A dynamical systems model for fireline growth with suppression Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
R. O. Weber, H. S. Sidhu
Vol 59 (2017) A dynamical systems model for poly-cyclic foliar forest pathogens Abstract   PDF   BIB
Graeme Wake, Nari Williams, Tony Pleasants
Vol 54 (2012) A European option general first-order error formula Abstract
Guillaume Leduc
Vol 50 (2008) A far field based T-matrix method for three dimensional acoustic scattering Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Mahadevan Ganesh, Stuart Collin Hawkins
Vol 51 (2009) A far-field based T-matrix method for two dimensional obstacle scattering Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Mahadevan Ganesh, Stuart Collin Hawkins
Vol 58 (2016) A fast, spectrally accurate solver for the Falkner--Skan equation Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Andrew Craig Cullen, Simon Clarke
Vol 46 (2004) A fast wavelet algorithm for image deblurring Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
D. L. Donoho, M. E. Raimondo
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