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Vol 50 (2008) Two-dimensional particle solution of the extended Hamilton-Jacobi equation Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Dmitry Strunin
Vol 46 (2004) Two-point boundary value problems, Green's functions, and product integration Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
G. D. McBain, S. W. Armfield
Vol 53 (2011) Uncertainty in availability generated by inventory management controls in a generic repairable item sustainment system Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Gregory Daniel Sherman, Kerryn Rhys Owen, Adrian Pincombe, Axel Bender
Vol 47 (2005) Uncovering the secrets to relieving stress: discrete element analysis of force chains in particulate media Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Maya Muthuswamy, John Peters, Antoinette Tordesillas
Vol 52 (2010) Understanding the abnormal brain activity in epilepsy as a potential predictor of the onset of an epileptic seizure Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Jessica Margaret Dunn, David Abbott, Richard Masterton, Robert Anderssen
Vol 51 (2009) Understanding the mathematics of hearing using electronic circuits Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Tara Julia Hamilton, Jonathan Tapson, Michael Rapson, Craig Jin, Andre van Schaik
Vol 50 (2008) Unsteady boundary layers: convective heat transfer over a vertical flat plate Abstract
Kuppalapalle Vajravelu, Robert Van Gorder
Vol 48 (2006) Unsteady natural convection in a reservoir induced by constant surface cooling Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Tomasz Piotr Bednarz, Chengwang Lei, John Patterson
Vol 58 (2016) Unsteady two-layered blood flow through a \(w\)-shaped stenosed artery using the generalized Oldroyd-B fluid model Abstract
Akbar Zaman, Nasir Ali, O. Anwar Beg, M. Sajid
Vol 57 (2015) Use of calculators with computer algebra systems in test assessment in engineering mathematics Abstract   PDF   BIB
Vida Weiss, Patrick Tobin
Vol 45 (2003) Use of lp norms in fitting curves and surfaces to data Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
A. Atieg, G. A. Watson
Vol 44 (2002) Using a finite element grid on corner points in flow models Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
C. J. Matthews, R. D. Braddock, G. C. Sander
Vol 46 (2004) Using computational fluid dynamics to study the effect of contact angle on microdroplet deformation Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
G. Rosengarten, D. Harvie, J. Cooper--White
Vol 48 (2006) Using Green's functions and split Gaussian integration for two-point boundary value problems on the ray Abstract   PDF   BibTeX   References
Geordie Drummond McBain, Steven W. Armfield
Vol 52 (2010) Using influence diagrams as a tool for decision making Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Winston L. Sweatman, Graeme C. Wake, Haydn Cooper
Vol 51 (2009) Using the skew-t copula to model bivariate rainfall distribution Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Roslinazairimah Zakaria, Andrew Metcalfe, Julia Piantadosi, John Boland, Phil Howlett
Vol 49 (2007) Vaporization and pyrolysis modelling of a single droplet of heavy fuel oil using continuous thermodynamics Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Vikrambhai Garaniya, Laurie Goldsworthy
Vol 48 (2006) Variational problems in machine learning and their solution with finite elements Abstract   PDF   BibTeX   References
Markus Hegland, Michael Griebel
Vol 49 (2007) Vector variational-like inequalities with \(\eta\)-generally convex mappings Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Rais Ahmad, Zubair Khan
Vol 45 (2003) Vectorised simulations for stochastic differential equations Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
P. M. Burrage
Vol 44 (2002) Verification of Markov hypothesis for conserved scalar process: validation of conditional moment closure for turbulent combustion Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Andrew P. Wandel, Nigel S. A. Smith, A. Y. Klimenko
Vol 46 (2004) Verifying convergence rates of discrete thin-plate splines in 3D. Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Linda Stals, Stephen Roberts
Vol 47 (2005) Video analysis to understand e-learning of vector calculus Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
W. F. Blyth, D. Clarke, A. Labovic
Vol 53 (2011) Video resources for supporting learning in mathematics rich disciplines: A teaching perspective Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Bothaina Bukhatwa, Anne Porter, Mark Nelson
Vol 45 (2003) $V$-invariant methods, generalised least squares problems, and the Kalman filter Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
M. R. Osborne, Inge Soderkvist
Vol 50 (2008) Visual cortex mapping by conjugate gradients Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
David Herschel Smith
Vol 57 (2015) Visualisation and statistical modelling techniques for the management of inventory stock levels Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Winston LeMay Sweatman, James McGree, Corrie Jacobien Carstens, Kylie J. Foster, Shen Liu, Nicholas Tierney, Eloise Tredenick, Ayham Zaitouny
Vol 54 (2012) Visualisation of complex flows using texture-based techniques Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
David James Warne, J. Young, N. A. Kelson
Vol 46 (2004) Visualising energy data Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Diane Donovan, Trevor Pickett, Richard Wilson
Vol 45 (2003) Volterra integral equations solved in Fredholm form using Walsh functions Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
W. F. Blyth, R. L. May, P. Widyaningsih
Vol 46 (2004) Vortex breakdown state selection as a meta-stable process Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
A. J. Fitzgerald, K. Hourigan, M. C. Thompson
Vol 49 (2007) Vortex equilibria in flow past a plate Abstract
Robb McDonald
Vol 46 (2004) Vortex wake and energy transitions of an oscillating cylinder at low Reynolds number Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
B. Stewart, J. Leontini, K. Hourigan, M. C. Thompson
Vol 50 (2008) Wall shear stress and flow stability in a model fusiform aneurysm Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Gregory John Sheard, Kris Ryan
Vol 45 (2003) Wavelet analysis of instrumented rocket motor data Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
D. H. Smith
Vol 52 (2010) Wavelet based solution of flow and diffusion problems in digital materials Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Alon Arad, Mahyar Madadi, Andrew G. Christy, Markus Hegland
Vol 52 (2010) Weighted k-word matches: a sequence comparison tool for proteins Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
J. Jing, S. R. Wilson, Conrad John Burden
Vol 56 (2014) Well-balanced computations of weak local residuals for the shallow water equations Abstract   PDF   BIB
Stephen Gwyn Roberts, Sudi Mungkasi
Vol 54 (2012) What is the optimum regime for calibration bias adjustments? Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Steven Dargaville, Rob Crawford, Joanne Simpson, Mali Abdollahian, Robert McKibbin, Bob Anderssen
Vol 57 (2015) Who is most likely to offend in my store now? Statistical steps towards retail crime prevention with Auror Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Barry William McDonald, Lisa Hall, Xingyou Philip Zhang
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