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Vol 46 (2004) A faster algorithm for identification of an M-Matrix Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
R. J. Wood, M. J. O'Neill
Vol 45 (2003) A finite difference Poisson solver for irregular geometries Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Z. Jomaa, C. Macaskill
Vol 54 (2012) A finite element approximation for the quasi-static Maxwell--Landau--Lifshitz--Gilbert equations Abstract   PDF   BIB
Kim-Ngan Le, Thanh Tran
Vol 49 (2007) A finite element modeling of thermal conductivity of fabrics embedded with phase change material Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Yan Ding, John Anthony Gear, Kim Ngoc Tran
Vol 45 (2003) A fixed strike Asian option and comments on its numerical solution Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Jens Hugger
Vol 47 (2005) A fractional-order implicit difference approximation for the space-time fractional diffusion equation Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
F. Liu, P. Zhuang, V. Anh, I. Turner
Vol 53 (2011) A full NT-step infeasible interior-point algorithm for semidefinite optimization based on a self-regular proximity Abstract
B. Kheirfam
Vol 47 (2005) A Gauss--Lobatto quadrature method for solving optimal control problems Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
P. Williams
Vol 47 (2005) A generalization of the modified Simpson's rule and error bounds Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Nenad Ujevic
Vol 55 (2013) A geometric construction of travelling wave solutions to the Keller--Segel model Abstract   PDF   BIB
Kristen Harley, Peter van Heijster, Graeme John Pettet
Vol 52 (2010) A GMRES(m) method with two stage deflated preconditioners Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Jungo Shiroishi, Takashi Nodera
Vol 58 (2016) A gradient recovery method based on an oblique projection and boundary modification Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Muhammad Ilyas, Bishnu P. Lamichhane, Michael H. Meylan
Vol 47 (2005) A heat transfer model describing burns to the skin from automotive airbags Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
G. N. Mercer, H. S. Sidhu
Vol 57 (2015) A heterogeneous computing approach to maximum likelihood parameter estimation for the Heston model of stochastic volatility Abstract   PDF   BIB
Stan Hurn, Kenneth Lindsay, David James Warne
Vol 48 (2006) A high order algorithm for ordinary boundary value problems Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Fernando Viera
Vol 54 (2012) A hybrid model for studying spatial aspects of infectious diseases Abstract
Ben Binder, Joshua Ross, Matthew Simpson
Vol 49 (2007) A joint pricing and lot sizing models with discount: A geometric programming approach Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Maryam Esmaeili, Panlop Zeephongsekul, Mir-Bahador Aryanezhad
Vol 52 (2010) A large scale genome simulation model incorporating patterns of linkage disequilibrium Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Jie Song, Susan Wilson
Vol 56 (2014) A locally smoothing method for mathematical programs with complementarity constraints Abstract
Yu Chen, Zhong Wan
Vol 57 (2015) A lognormal model for demand forecasting in the national electricity market Abstract
Joe Maisano, Alex Radchik, Timothy Ling
Vol 45 (2003) A matched solution method for the prediction of residual stresses for flat rolling Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
A. Dixon, W. Y. D. Yuen
Vol 57 (2015) A mathematical model for atherosclerotic plaque formation and arterial wall remodelling Abstract   PDF   BIB
Md Hamidul Islam, Peter Johnston
Vol 50 (2008) A mathematical model for thelarge-scale transport of heatand water in the Taupo volcanic zone of New Zealand Abstract
Graham Weir
Vol 59 (2017) A mathematical model of force on control column of a low-cost flight simulator Abstract   PDF   BIB
Rose G Davies, G Sen Gupta
Vol 55 (2013) A meshfree model for plant tissue deformations during drying Abstract   PDF   BIB
Chaminda Prasad Karunasena Helambage, Wijitha Senadeera, Richard J Brown, Yuan Tong Gu
Vol 48 (2006) A method for constructing skillful seasonal forecasts using slow modes of climate variability Abstract   PDF   BibTeX   References
Carsten Segerlund Frederiksen, Xiaogu Zheng
Vol 56 (2014) A method for estimating and assessing modes of interannual variability in coupled climate models Abstract   PDF   BIB
Simon Grainger, Carsten Segerlund Frederiksen, Xiaogu Zheng
Vol 50 (2008) A method for estimating the potential long-range predictability of precipitation over Western Australia Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Carsten Segerlund Frederiksen, Simon Grainger, Xiaogu Zheng
Vol 50 (2008) A method for evaluating the modes of variability in general circulation models Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Simon Grainger, Carsten S Frederiksen, Xiaogu Zheng
Vol 46 (2004) A method for extracting coupled patterns of predictable and chaotic components in pairs of climate variables Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
C. S. Frederiksen, X. Zheng
Vol 45 (2003) A method for studying the influence of intra-seasonal variability on the inter-annual variability of climate fields Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
C. S. Frederiksen, X. Zheng
Vol 50 (2008) A method of improving oar efficiency Abstract
Maurice Brearley
Vol 50 (2008) A method of lines approach for modelling saltwater intrusion in coastal aquifers Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Tim Moroney, Simon Truscott
Vol 52 (2010) A mixed finite element discretisation of thin-plate splines Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Bishnu P. Lamichhane, Stephen Roberts, Linda Stals
Vol 50 (2008) A mixed finite element method based on a biorthogonal system for nearly incompressible elastic problems Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Bishnu Prasad Lamichhane
Vol 59 (2017) A mixed finite element method for elliptic optimal control problems using a three-field formulation Abstract   PDF   BIB
Bishnu Prasad Lamichhane, Anil Kumar, Balaje Kalyanaraman
Vol 47 (2005) A model of an aircraft towing a cable-body system Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
C. K. H. Chin, R. L. May
Vol 50 (2008) A model of ion transport in conjugated polymers Abstract
John Burnell
Vol 42 (2000) A model of weakly vortical interfacial flow Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
G. A. Jarrad, A. J. Roberts
Vol 54 (2012) A model of workplace safety incorporating worker interactions and simple interventions Abstract   PDF   BIB
John Thew, Bopf Tara-Louise, Dann Mallet
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