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Vol 46 (2004) A modified finite volume method incorporating radial basis functions for simulating diffusion Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
T. J. Moroney, I. W. Turner
Vol 53 (2011) A modified Pólya urn process and an index for spatial distributions with volume exclusion Abstract
Benjamin Binder, Emily Hackett-Jones, Jonathan Tuke, Kerry Landman
Vol 54 (2012) A modified projected conjugate gradient algorithm for unconstrained optimization problems Abstract
Shuai Huang, Songhai Deng, Zhong Wan
Vol 48 (2006) A monotone domain decomposition algorithm for nonlinear parabolic difference schemes Abstract   PDF   BibTeX   References
Igor Boglaev
Vol 52 (2010) A multigrid approach to visual cortex mapping Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
David Herschel Smith
Vol 59 (2017) A multiphase multiscale model for nutrient limited tissue growth Abstract
Elizabeth C. Holden, Joseph Collis, Bindi S. Brook, Reuben D. O'Dea
Vol 46 (2004) A new adaptive restart for GMRES($m$) method Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Linjie Zhang, Takashi Nodera
Vol 52 (2010) A new analytical solution for testing debris avalanche numerical models Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Sudi Mungkasi, Stephen Gwyn Roberts
Vol 48 (2006) A new approach to avoiding the local extrema trap Abstract   PDF   BibTeX   References
Alan McCabe, Jarrod Trevathan
Vol 44 (2002) A new approach to the solution of Maxwell's equations for low frequency and high-resolution biomedical problems Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Huawei Zhao, Stuart Crozier, Feng Liu
Vol 55 (2013) A new formula for Adomian's polynomials and the analysis of its truncated series solution for fractional non-differentiable initial value problemss Abstract
Mohamed Meabed Khader
Vol 59 (2017) A new minimization principle for the Poisson equation leading to a flexible finite element approach Abstract
Bishnu Prasad Lamichhane
Vol 58 (2016) A new MITC finite element method for Reissner--Mindlin plate problem based on a biorthogonal system Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Bishnu Prasad Lamichhane, Michael H. Meylan
Vol 48 (2006) A new moving boundary shallow water wave equation numerical model Abstract   PDF   BibTeX   References
Joe Sampson, Alan Easton, Manmohan Singh
Vol 45 (2003) A new way of estimating radar pulse intercepts Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
E. D. El-Mahassni, G. P. Noone
Vol 51 (2009) A Neyman-Scott model with continuous distributions of storm types Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Paul Cowpertwait
Vol 44 (2002) A non-stationary subdivision scheme for curve interpolation Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
M. K. Jena, P. Shunmugaraj, P. C. Das
Vol 58 (2016) A note on a new approach to both price and volatility jumps: an application to the portfolio model Abstract
Moawia Alghalith
Vol 51 (2009) A note on approximate benchmark solutions for viscous two-layer flows Abstract
Mathieu Sellier, Richard Lenz
Vol 55 (2013) A note on axisymmetric supercritical coning in a porous medium Abstract
Graeme Charles Hocking, H. Zhang
Vol 59 (2017) A note on computing the intersection of spheres in \(\mathbb{R}^{n}\) Abstract
Douglas Silva Maioli, Carlile Campos Lavor, Douglas Soares Gonçalves
Vol 58 (2016) A note on Markovian quantum dynamics Abstract
Liang Chen, Huixian Meng, Huaixin Cao, Yongfeng Huang, Y. Yang
Vol 59 (2017) A note on Navier-Stokes equations with nonorthogonal coordinates Abstract
James Hill, Yvonne Marie Stokes
Vol 51 (2009) A note on periodic solutions of a forced Liénard-type equation Abstract
Lie-Hui Zhang, Yong Wang
Vol 51 (2009) A note on price volatility in the Australian electricity market Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Celia Conticini, Jerzy A. Filar, Asef Nazari Ganjehlou
Vol 56 (2014) A note on steady flow into a submerged point sink Abstract
Graeme Charles Hocking, Lawrence K. Forbes, Timothy E. Stokes
Vol 50 (2008) A note on the convergence analysis of a sparse grid multivariate probability density estimator Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Stephen Gwyn Roberts, Sarah Bolt
Vol 49 (2007) A note on the Hu-Hwang-Wang conjecture for group testing Abstract
Ming-Guang Leu
Vol 51 (2009) A note on the numerical approach for the reaction-diffusion problem with a free boundary condition Abstract
Ersin Özuğurlu
Vol 46 (2004) A note on the relation of Gaussian elimination to the conjugate directions algorithm Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
J. Tenne, S. W. Armfield
Vol 56 (2014) A note on the stability of swirling flows with radius-dependent density with respect to infinitesimal azimuthal disturbances Abstract
Halle Dattu, Malai Subbiah
Vol 55 (2013) A note on travelling waves in competitive reaction systems Abstract
Larry K. Forbes
Vol 50 (2008) A note on withdrawal from a two-layer fluid through a line sink in a porous medium Abstract
Graeme Charles Hocking, Hong Zhang
Vol 57 (2015) A novel analytical approach for pricing discretely sampled gamma swaps in the Heston model Abstract
Sanae Rujivan
Vol 50 (2008) A numerical approach to modelling avascular tumour evolution with white noise Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Keng-Cheng Ang, Liang-Soon Tan
Vol 55 (2013) A numerical investigation of the time distributed-order diffusion model Abstract   PDF   BIB
Xiuling Hu, Fawang Liu, Vo Anh, Ian Turner
Vol 54 (2012) A numerical method for the fractional Fitzhugh–Nagumo monodomain model Abstract   PDF   BIB
Fawang Liu, Ian Turner, Vo Anh, Qianqian Yang, Kevin Burrage
Vol 46 (2004) A numerical simulation of avascular tumour growth Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Tan Liang Soon, Ang Keng Cheng
Vol 48 (2006) A numerical simulation of natural convection in an isosceles triangular enclosure heated from below Abstract   PDF   BibTeX   References
Chengwang Lei, John C. Patterson
Vol 50 (2008) A numerical solution for moving boundary shallow water flow above parabolic bottom topography Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Joe John Sampson
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