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Vol 47 (2005) A numerical study of non-Newtonian blood flow in stenosed coronary artery bypass with grafts Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
D. Poltem, B. Wiwatanapataphee, Y. H. Wu, Y. Lenbury
Vol 44 (2002) A parallel algorithm to find the zeros of a complex analytic function. Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Michael H. Meylan, Lutz Gross
Vol 58 (2016) A parallel approach to bi-objective integer programming Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
William Pettersson, Melih Ozlen
Vol 55 (2013) A parallel gradient method for the determination of the design point in probabilistic analysis Abstract   PDF   BIB
Yuriy Drobyshevski, Hemlata Wadhwa
Vol 52 (2010) A parametric investigation of natural ventilation flow with a line heat source Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Tae Hattori, Steven Armfield, Michael Kirkpatrick
Vol 46 (2004) A parametric study of droplet deformation through a microfluidic contraction Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
D. J. E. Harvie, M. R. Davidson, J. J. Cooper-White, M. Rudman
Vol 54 (2012) A parsimonious diffusion equation for electricity demand Abstract   PDF   BIB
Elliot Tonkes, Phil Broadbridge
Vol 52 (2010) A perturbation analysis of the flow of a Powell--Eyring fluid between coaxial cylinders Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Michael T Farrugia, John J Shepherd, Andrew J Stacey
Vol 50 (2008) A Petrov--Galerkin method for integro-differential equations with a memory term Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Kassem Mustapha
Vol 56 (2014) A Poisson-Pareto model of Chl-a fluorescence signals in marine environments Abstract
Stephen Woodcock, Bojana Manojlovic, Mark Baird, Peter Ralph
Vol 59 (2017) A porous viscoelastic model for the cell cytoskeleton Abstract
Calina Anamaria Copos, Robert D. Guy
Vol 45 (2003) A potential update method for series methods in steady seepage Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
W. W. Read, S. R. Belward, P. J. Higgins
Vol 49 (2007) A practical algorithm for the computation of tree felling times Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Damien Scott Holloway
Vol 52 (2010) A preconditioned method for the solution of the Robbins problem for the Helmholtz equation Abstract
Jiang Le, Huang Jin, Xiao-Guang Lv, Qing-Song Cheng
Vol 51 (2009) A primal-dual interior-point algorithm based on a new kernel function Abstract
Gyeong-Mi Cho, Y. Y. Cho, Y. H. Lee
Vol 56 (2014) A probabilistic inverse method for volcanic ash dispersion modelling Abstract   PDF   BIB
Meelis Juma Zidikheri, R Potts, C Lucas
Vol 52 (2010) A radial basis Galerkin method for spherical surface Stokes equations Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Mahadevan Ganesh, Quoc Thong Le Gia
Vol 51 (2009) A rational approximation to the evolution of a free surface during fluid withdrawal through a point sink Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Graeme Charles Hocking, Timothy Stokes, Lawrence Forbes
Vol 50 (2008) A remark on energy optimal strategies for a train movement Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Pavel Pokorny
Vol 47 (2005) A Reynolds uniform scheme for singularly perturbed parabolic differential equation Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
X. Cai, F. Liu
Vol 54 (2012) A robust combination technique Abstract   PDF   BIB
Brendan Harding, Markus Hegland
Vol 45 (2003) A second-order conditional moment closure model for the simulation of a lifted turbulent flame Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
C. B. Devaud
Vol 51 (2009) A self-regular Newton based algorithm for linear optimization Abstract
Maziar Salahi
Vol 45 (2003) A series method for the eigenvalues of the advection diffusion equation Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
W. W. Read, G. E. Sneddon, L. Bode
Vol 49 (2007) A sharp \(L_2\) inequality of Ostrowski type Abstract
Zheng Liu
Vol 51 (2009) A simple algorithm for deduction Abstract
Bill Whiten
Vol 51 (2009) A simple battle model with explanatory power. Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Adrian Hall Pincombe, Brandon Pincombe, Charles Pearce
Vol 56 (2014) A simple closed-form formula for pricing discretely-sampled variance swaps under the heston model Abstract
Sanae Rujivan, Song-Ping Zhu
Vol 49 (2007) A simple deterministic model for volcanic ashfall deposition Abstract
Leng Leng Lim, Winston LeMay Sweatman, Robert McKibbin
Vol 47 (2005) A simple mathematical model of wool scouring Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
J. F. Caunce, S. I. Barry, G. N. Mercer
Vol 48 (2006) A simple spatial model for self-heating compost piles Abstract   PDF   BibTeX   References
Harvinder Singh Sidhu, M. I. Nelson, X. D. Chen
Vol 54 (2012) A simplified financial transmission rights auction in the context of the New Zealand electricity grid Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Geoffrey Pritchard, Winston LeMay Sweatman, Ghazaleh Mohammadian, Philip Kilby
Vol 60 (2018) A simulation study of Texas hold 'em poker: what Taylor Swift understands and James Bond doesn't Abstract
Jay Falletta, Stephen Woodcock
Vol 57 (2015) A solution of the conservation law form of the Serre equations Abstract
Christopher Zoppou, Stephen Roberts, Jason Pitt
Vol 59 (2017) A spectrally accurate method for the direct and inverse scattering problems by multiple 3D dielectric obstacles Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Frédérique Le Louër
Vol 50 (2008) A springs and masses model for determining the lowest risk path in a threat environment Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Martin Phillip Rowe, Geoff N Mercer, Harvinder S Sidhu
Vol 54 (2012) A stabilised mixed finite element method for thin plate splines based on biorthogonal systems Abstract   PDF   BIB
Bishnu Prasad Lamichhane, Markus Hegland
Vol 57 (2015) A stabilized mixed finite element method for Poisson problem based on a three-field formulation Abstract   PDF   BIB
Muhammad Ilyas, Bishnu Prasad Lamichhane
Vol 45 (2003) A step towards holistic discretisation of stochastic partial differential equations Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
A. J. Roberts
Vol 46 (2004) A stochastic model of gene switches Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Lucia Santoso, Hilary S. Booth, Conrad J. Burden, Markus Hegland
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