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Vol 44 (2002) A time-stepping dynamically-consistent spherical-shell dynamo code Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
D. J. Ivers
Vol 51 (2009) A topological approach to three dimensional laminar mixing Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Nathaniel David Jewell
Vol 45 (2003) A tractable inhomogeneous closure theory for flow over mean topography Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
T. J. O'Kane, J. S. Frederiksen
Vol 55 (2013) A transformation method for solving Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equation for constrained dynamic stochastic optimal allocation problem Abstract
Daniel Sevcovic, Sona Kilianova
Vol 53 (2011) A two dimensional, reaction-diffusion model of compost piles Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Thiansiri Luangwilai, Harvinder Sidhu, Mark Nelson
Vol 47 (2005) A two way particle mapping for calculation of the shear modulus of a spherical inclusion composite with inhomogeneous interphase Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
N. Lombardo
Vol 46 (2004) A two-dimensional CFD model for heap bioleaching of chalcocite Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
M. J. Leahy, M. R. Davidson, M. P. Schwarz
Vol 54 (2012) A two-species predator-prey model in an environment enriched by a biotic resource Abstract   PDF   BIB
Hamizah Mohd Safuan, Harvinder S. Sidhu, Zlatko Jovanoski, Isaac N. Towers
Vol 54 (2012) A two-strain epidemic model with uncertainty in the interaction Abstract
Mick Roberts
Vol 50 (2008) A valuation formula for multi-asset, multi-period binaries in a Black--Scholes economy Abstract
Max Skipper, Peter Buchen
Vol 48 (2006) A variational method using Alpert multiwavelets Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Andrew James Stacey, William F. Blyth
Vol 44 (2002) A vector spherical harmonic spectral code for linearised magnetohydrodynamics Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
D. J. Ivers, C. G. Phillips
Vol 57 (2015) A wavelet collocation scheme for solving some optimal path planning problems Abstract
Marziyeh Mortezaee, Alireza Nazemi
Vol 52 (2010) A well balanced scheme for the shallow water wave equations in open channels with (discontinuous) varying width and bed Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Stephen Gwyn Roberts, Padarn Wilson
Vol 54 (2012) Accelerated implementation of level set based segmentation Abstract   PDF   BIB
Marc J Piggott, Pascal Vallotton, John A Taylor, Tomasz P Bednarz
Vol 50 (2008) Acceleration of inexact inverse iteration for eigenvalue problems Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Alan Andrew, Pek-Hui Foo, Roger Tan, Markus Wachter
Vol 53 (2011) Acceptance testing procedure equivalence Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Babak Abbasi, Rob Crawford, Kathy A. Haskard, Andriy Olenko
Vol 46 (2004) Accuracy assessment of solving pseudo compressible euler equations for steady subsonic flow on finite unstructured volumes Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
S. R. Sabbagh Yazdi, A. Hadian
Vol 44 (2002) Accuracy issues of Monte-Carlo methods for valuing American options Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Tianhai Tian, Kevin Burrage
Vol 55 (2013) Accurate temporal resolution of harmonic content in both amplitude and phase Abstract   PDF   BIB
Damien Scott Holloway
Vol 46 (2004) Achieving Brouwer's law with high-order Stormer multistep methods Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
K. R. Grazier, W. I. Newman, James M. Hyman, Philip W. Sharp, David J. Goldstein
Vol 46 (2004) Adaptive finite element simulation of three-dimensional surface tension dominated free-surface flow problems Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
M. A. Walkley, P. H. Gaskell, P. K. Jimack, M. A. Kelmanson, J. L. Summers
Vol 44 (2002) Adaptive sparse grids Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
M. Hegland
Vol 45 (2003) Adaptive stepsize implementations of implicit stochastic Runge Kutta methods with modified Wiener increment Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
R. Herdiana, K. Burrage
Vol 43 (2001) Adaptive terminal sliding mode control of a rigid robotic manipulator with uncertain dynamics incorporating constraint inequalities Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
P. G. Keleher, R. J. Stonier
Vol 45 (2003) Added mass of whipping modes for ships at high Froude number by a free surface boundary element method coupled with strip theory Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
D. S. Holloway, G. A. Thomas, M. R. Davis
Vol 46 (2004) Additive models in high dimensions Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Markus Hegland, Vladimir Pestov
Vol 52 (2010) Additive Schwarz preconditioners for interpolation of divergence-free vector fields on spheres Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Quoc Thong Le Gia, Thanh Tran
Vol 56 (2014) Adventures in invariant theory Abstract
Peter D. Jarvis, Jeremy G. Sumner
Vol 45 (2003) Aeroelastic modelling of aircraft empennage buffet Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
O. Levinski
Vol 46 (2004) Algorithms for the recovery of Kohlrausch parameters from viscoelastic stress-strain data Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Saiful A. Husain, R. S. Anderssen
Vol 50 (2008) Ambiguity in the Determination of the Free Energy for a Model of the Circle Map Abstract
Brian G Kenny, Tony W Dixon
Vol 54 (2012) An accurate numerical scheme for the contraction of a bubble in a Hele--Shaw cell Abstract   PDF   BIB
Michael Charles Dallaston, Scott McCue
Vol 42 (2000) An adaptive two-level method for hypersingular integral equations in \(R^3\) Abstract   PDF
Patrick Mund, Ernst P. Stephan
Vol 51 (2009) An Adomian decomposition method for solving LiƩnard equations in general form Abstract
Mohammad Nili Ahmadabadi, Farid Mohammad Maalek Ghaini
Vol 58 (2016) An alternative method of concept learning Abstract
Sen Wang, Qingxiang Fang, Jun-e Feng
Vol 45 (2003) An always convergent method for finding the spectral radius of an irreducible non-negative matrix Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
R. J. Wood, M. J. O'Neill
Vol 46 (2004) An analysis of parasitic current generation in volume of fluid simulations Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
D. J. E. Harvie, M. R. Davidson, M. Rudman
Vol 53 (2011) An analytic and numerical study of unsteady channel flow with slip Abstract
Miccal T Matthews, Karen M Hastie
Vol 50 (2008) An analytic solution for one-dimensional dissipational strain-gradient plasticity Abstract
Roger Young
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