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Vol 46 (2004) Algorithms for the recovery of Kohlrausch parameters from viscoelastic stress-strain data Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Saiful A. Husain, R. S. Anderssen
Vol 50 (2008) Ambiguity in the Determination of the Free Energy for a Model of the Circle Map Abstract
Brian G Kenny, Tony W Dixon
Vol 54 (2012) An accurate numerical scheme for the contraction of a bubble in a Hele--Shaw cell Abstract   PDF   BIB
Michael Charles Dallaston, Scott McCue
Vol 42 (2000) An adaptive two-level method for hypersingular integral equations in \(R^3\) Abstract   PDF
Patrick Mund, Ernst P. Stephan
Vol 51 (2009) An Adomian decomposition method for solving Liénard equations in general form Abstract
Mohammad Nili Ahmadabadi, Farid Mohammad Maalek Ghaini
Vol 58 (2016) An alternative method of concept learning Abstract
Sen Wang, Qingxiang Fang, Jun-e Feng
Vol 45 (2003) An always convergent method for finding the spectral radius of an irreducible non-negative matrix Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
R. J. Wood, M. J. O'Neill
Vol 46 (2004) An analysis of parasitic current generation in volume of fluid simulations Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
D. J. E. Harvie, M. R. Davidson, M. Rudman
Vol 53 (2011) An analytic and numerical study of unsteady channel flow with slip Abstract
Miccal T Matthews, Karen M Hastie
Vol 50 (2008) An analytic solution for one-dimensional dissipational strain-gradient plasticity Abstract
Roger Young
Vol 59 (2017) An analytical approach for variance swaps with an Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process Abstract
Jianpeng Cao, Yan-Bing Fang
Vol 57 (2015) An analytical solution for Parisian up-and-in calls Abstract
Tan Nhat Le, Xiaoping Lu, Song-Ping Zhu
Vol 46 (2004) An angular spectral method for solution of the heat equation in spheroidal geometries Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
D. J. Ivers
Vol 53 (2011) An approach for solving singular two point boundary value problems: analytical and numerical treatment Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
C. Chun, A. Ebaid, Mi Lee, Emad Aly
Vol 59 (2017) An appropriate approach to pricing European-style options with the Adomian decomposition method Abstract
Ziwei Ke, Joanna Goard, Song-Ping Zhu
Vol 51 (2009) An approximate matrix inversion procedure by parallelization of the Sherman--Morrison formula Abstract
Kentaro Moriya, Linjie Zhang, Takashi Nodera
Vol 45 (2003) An early political election problem Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
D. Lesmono, E. J. Tonkes, K. Burrage
Vol 48 (2006) An effective stepsize selection procedure for discrete simulation of biochemical reaction systems Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Tianhai Tian, Kevin Burrage
Vol 54 (2012) An efficient algorithm for simulation of stochastic scattering cross-sections Abstract   PDF   bib
Mahadevan Ganesh, Stuart Collin Hawkins
Vol 52 (2010) An efficient algorithm for simulating scattering by a large number of two dimensional particles Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Mahadevan Ganesh, Stuart Collin Hawkins
Vol 51 (2009) An efficient computational approach to a class of minmax optimal control problems with applications Abstract
B. Li, Kok Lay Teo, G. H. Zhao, G. R. Duan
Vol 54 (2012) An efficient implementation of the block Gram--Schmidt method Abstract   PDF   BIB
Yoichi Matsuo, Takashi Nodera
Vol 44 (2002) An efficient iterative scheme for series solutions to Laplacian free boundary problems Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
W. W. Read, S. R. Belward, P. J. Higgins
Vol 48 (2006) An efficient surface integral equation method for the time-harmonic Maxwell equations Abstract   PDF   BibTeX   References
Mahadevan Ganesh, Stuart Hawkins
Vol 51 (2009) An eigenvalue problem involving a functional differential equation arising in a cell growth model Abstract
Bruce van Brunt, Marijcke Vleig-Hulstman
Vol 53 (2011) An equal-area method for scalar conservation laws Abstract
Marjeta Kramar Fijavz, Mitja Lakner, Marjeta Skapin Rugelj
Vol 52 (2010) An implicit finite volume method for arbitrary transport equations Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Dalton James Eric Harvie
Vol 48 (2006) An improved dynamic Finite State Projection algorithm for the numerical solution of the chemical master equation with applications Abstract   PDF   BibTeX   References
Shev F MacNamara, Roger B Sidje, Kevin Burrage
Vol 54 (2012) An improved second-order numerical scheme for the Burgers-Fisher equation Abstract
Athanassios G. Bratsos
Vol 50 (2008) An integral equation for the distribution of the first exit time of a reflected Brownian motion Abstract
Victor De-la-Peña, Gerardo Hernandez-del-Valle, Carlos Gabriel Pacheco-Gonzalez
Vol 50 (2008) An interior penalty method for a two dimensional curl-curl and grad-div problem Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Susanne C Brenner, Li-yeng Sung, Jintao Cui
Vol 56 (2014) An interior point method and Sherman--Morrison formula for solving large scale convex quadratic problems with diagonal Hessians Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Nadezda Sukhorukova
Vol 49 (2007) An inverse method for radio frequency phased array coil design in magnetic resonance imaging equipment Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Peter T While, Larry K Forbes, Stuart Crozier
Vol 46 (2004) An investigation into design for performance and code maintainability in high performance computing Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
S. M. Quenette, B. F. Appelbe, M. Gurnis, L. J. Hodkinson, L. Moresi, P. D. Sunter
Vol 44 (2002) An investigation of spatial and temporal weighting schemes for use in unstructured mesh control volume finite element methods Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
S. L. Truscott, I. W. Turner
Vol 44 (2002) An investigation of the behaviour of planar jets using a time accurate fractional step scheme Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
P. L. Morgan, S. W. Armfield
Vol 48 (2006) An iterative approach to the thermal Newtonian blown film model Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
James Bennett, John Shepherd, William Blyth
Vol 48 (2006) An Iterative domain decomposition algorithm for a nonlinear convection-diffusion problem Details   PDF   BibTeX   References
Sophie Pack, Igor Boglaev
Vol 59 (2017) An iterative model order reduction method for large-scale dynamical systems Abstract
Kouki Mohamed, Abbes Mehdi, Mami Abdelkader
Vol 44 (2002) An iterative procedure for calculating minimum generalised cross validation smoothing splines Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
P. A. Hancock, M. F. Hutchinson
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