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Vol 47 (2005) Analysis of the non-isothermal Newtonian model in the blown film process Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
J. C. Bennett, J. J. Shepherd
Vol 51 (2009) Analytic solution of nonlinear batch reaction kinetics equations Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Sandile Sydney Motsa, Stanford Shateyi
Vol 50 (2008) Analytical and numerical solutions for the time and space-symmetric fractional diffusion equation Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Qianqian Yang, Ian Turner, Fawang Liu
Vol 57 (2015) Analytical representations of regular-shaped nanostructures for gas storage applications Abstract
Wei Xian Lim, Aaron W. Thornton
Vol 50 (2008) Application of method of false transients to generate smooth grids around a body in motion Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Eddie Ly, Daniel Norrison
Vol 50 (2008) Application of rational Chebyshev polynomials to optical problems Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Isaac Towers, Z. Jovanoski
Vol 45 (2003) Application of the control volume method to a mathematical model of cell migration Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
D. G. Mallet, I. W. Turner, G. J. Pettet
Vol 47 (2005) Application of the variational calculus to wetting phenomena in chemical engineering Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
F. P.-A. Cortat, S. J. Miklavcic
Vol 39 (1997) Application of wavefront coordinates to acoustic ray tracing Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
John P. Best
Vol 56 (2014) Applications of a finite element discretisation of thin plate splines Abstract   PDF   BIB
Linda Stals, Bishnu Lamichhane
Vol 51 (2009) Applications of adjoint theory to problems in aerospace and defence science Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Arvind Rajagopalan, Domenic Bucco
Vol 52 (2010) Applications of L1 regularisation Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
M. R. Osborne, Tania Prvan
Vol 55 (2013) Applying Bayesian networks and belief propagation to error correction coding Abstract   PDF   BIB
Willem Clifford Olding, Jan Olivier, Brian Salmon
Vol 57 (2015) Applying the stochastic Galerkin method to epidemic models with individualised parameter distributions Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
David Harman, Peter Johnston
Vol 58 (2016) Approximate controllability of population dynamics with size dependence and spatial distribution Abstract
Shu-Ping Wang, Ze-Rong He
Vol 57 (2015) Approximate solutions for the British put option and its optimal exercise boundary Abstract
Joanna Goard
Vol 44 (2002) Approximately invariant subspaces Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
M. Ilic, Ian W. Turner
Vol 46 (2004) Approximating functions of a large sparse positive definite matrix using a spectral splitting method Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
M. Ilic, I. W. Turner
Vol 54 (2012) Approximating the Kohlrausch function by sums of exponentials Abstract
Min Zhong, Richard Loy, Robert Anderssen
Vol 49 (2007) Approximating the periodic solutions of the Lotka--Volterra system. Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Tatjana Grozdanovski, John Shepherd
Vol 50 (2008) Approximating the solution of the chemical master equation by aggregation Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Markus Hegland
Vol 58 (2016) Approximation by spherical neural networks with zonal functions Abstract
Zhixiang Chen, Feilong Cao
Vol 50 (2008) Arithmetic mean of values and value at mean of arguments for convex functions Abstract
Cristinel Mortici
Vol 52 (2010) Aspects of a hybrid hp-finite element/spectral method for the linearised magnetohydrodynamic equations in spherical geometries Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
David Farmer, David J Ivers
Vol 51 (2009) Assessment of multi-hypothesis tracking performance for low signal-to-noise ratio targets Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Madeleine Gabrielle Sabordo, Samuel Jarrod Davey
Vol 58 (2016) Asymptotic behaviour of a class of resource competition biology species system by the fractional Brownian motion Abstract
Qimin Zhang, M. Ye, H. Lei, Q. Jin
Vol 46 (2004) Asymptotic correction and inverse eigenvalue problems: an overview Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Alan L. Andrew
Vol 44 (2002) Asymptotic correction of Numerov's eigenvalue estimates with general boundary conditions Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Alan L. Andrew
Vol 49 (2007) Asymptotic Stability in Distribution of nonlinear Stochastic Systems with Semi-Markovian Switching Abstract
Hou Zhenting, Dong Hailing, Shi Peng
Vol 45 (2003) Auditory modelling for speech processing in the perceptual domain Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
L. Lin, E. Ambikairajah, W. H. Holmes
Vol 53 (2011) Australian Learning and Teaching Council projects in the Mathematical Sciences: A retrospective Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Dann Mallet, Mark Nelson, Anne Porter, Antony Dekkers, Maureen Townley-Jones, Irene Hudson, Shaun Belward, Carmel Coady, Deborah King
Vol 47 (2005) Authentic assessment for advanced undergraduate students Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
D. G. Mallet
Vol 50 (2008) Automated registration for augmenting micro-CT 3D images Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Shane Jamie Latham, Trond Varslot, Adrian Sheppard
Vol 48 (2006) Automatic elliptic grid generation by an approximate factorisation Abstract   PDF   BibTeX   References
Eddie Ly, Daniel Norrison
Vol 50 (2008) Average and deviation for the stochastic FitzHugh--Nagumo system Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Wei Wang, A. J. Roberts
Vol 51 (2009) Avian Influenza optimal seasonal vaccination strategy Abstract
Folashade Agusto, O. R. Ogunye
Vol 50 (2008) Axisymmetric Hopf bifurcation in a free-surface rotating cylinder flow Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Stuart James Cogan, Gregory J Sheard, Kris Ryan
Vol 58 (2016) Based on SARIMA-BP hybrid model and SSVM model of international crude oil price prediction research Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Hua Luo, Xing Liu, Shuang Wang
Vol 58 (2016) Based on the PCA-ARIMA-BP hybrid model of stock price prediction research Abstract   PDF   BibTeX
Hua Luo, Shuang Wang
Vol 57 (2015) Batch processing in a glass furnace Abstract
Neville Donald Fowkes, Andrew Bassom
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