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Theodore Martinez

Bio Statement Happy birthday images Carried by angels, I floated home. I turned to the world, and turned to me, thanking God, but for what I do not know. Something new, of which I had never known before, was born in me. To the love that linked me to my mother, another was added, a love that was expectantly beautiful, not to grasp with the mind, to grasp it, to feel it easy. A desire not to be quieted filled me, and I determined my hope. So many a girl I have given my hand in greeting before, but the one touched me, and I had to take her hand and hold on. Now there was nothing more like that before, a man had entered my life, which for me gained an unusual value that could no longer be ignored.
Happy birthday images With joy, we expected every gathering and were inspired by the desire to feel the other, to look at him and to breathe his spell. The evenings became brighter and warmer. Spring began, and the first green was no longer to be overlooked. The buds on the lilac bushes were as plump as if they were to jump up at any moment. We met each other as we once did at the large lake, but the water had long since flowed back into the stream. Nothing reminded me of the huge ice sea. But the immeasurably wide starry sky was still over us and reflected in the girl's eyes. I was about to see my staring eyes as she took my head in her hands and touched our lips for seconds, as if they were going to be together. We had become one. The feeling of happiness would overflow, so much to say, and yet was silent. My thoughts had lost themselves in what was just happening, when she leaned against me and began to sing, very quietly, quite devoutly. With the last sentence of the song "... and you know, I love you" she raised her head, looked at me meaningfully and snuggled closer to me. Every further word was superfluous, and the prospect of the future was so free of prejudice, and no doubt how it should never again be.
Happy birthday images It had become summer and we had now conquered the day for the evenings. No longer the moon, the stars, and the cold winters night were our companions, but the flowering meadows and the billowing cornfields. We sat on the slope and snapped around with the ball-shaped sand buttons, just as we had done as children. At the river bend we watched the recurring swirls, sat in the shade under the protective canopy of leaves, or picked the blue and red flowers on Feldrain happy birthday images, which the skilful maidens waved to a wreath. Happy, with her head adorned, as before, for the children's feast, she cried, "Look, I am the Queen, am I pleased with you?" Beautiful as our common summer had become so important to us and around us. It was a gift for us to experience the first love in the blossoming of forests, fields and floodplains. Never before has the miraculous nature touched us in nature, never before was the lie-love of the other so present, and never was the need so great to take possession of all possessions. And yet everything was transient: the first love, the first oath, the first desire.
Happy birthday images Fortunately, we scarcely noticed how summer was tending. A wonderful day came to an end when we were once again on our track, and the two railroad tracks were infinitely far away. "Would you like to unite?" She had probably guessed what I was thinking. "They can not find it there yet, but maybe at the end, we can not see it, but ..." She broke off. Her voice sounded alien, like from another world. It was not until after an oppressive pause that she looked at me, her pensive face expression changing. As always in a difficult situation, she sought support in a song. But her singing was different than usual, as if she wanted to free herself from deep sadness. "About the year when the cornflowers bloom, I'll come back" Cornflowers of our summer, as blue as her flower-dress, the color of fidelity, which I did not doubt. The further text passed my ear, her bewitchingly charming voice seduced me. Only the last "I like you, just wait for me" remained sticky. Gentlemen, the main thing was for me, so I did not waste any thought, her singing could mean more. But her third song was her last.