On the transient modelling of hydro-elastic interaction of gravity waves with an underwater elastic structure


  • N. M. Sudharsan
  • K. Murali




Fluid structure interaction (FSI) of offshore structures is an important area of research. The behaviour of offshore structures in Numerical Wave Tanks possessing FSI capabilities is of significant industrial value. In FSI problems, it is necessary to interactively solve and analyse both the structural and fluid dynamics as a coupled system, because the structural response and fluid loading are mutually dependent. We present a methodology for analysing a two-dimensional fluid-structure interaction problem in the time domain. The methodology is based on a nonlinear velocity potential formulation and linear elastic theory. The transient forces exerted by the fluid on the structure vary due to the elastic response of the structure. The dynamics of the free surface and the structure are also analysed for selected scenarios. We demonstrates that it is important to develop similar tools capable of solving such FSI problems in order to perform reliable and complete analysis leading to better and safer design.





Proceedings Computational Techniques and Applications Conference