Time errors in a frequency controller

Richard Brown, Gerrard Liddell, Nabil Adam


The problem provided by Transpower for MINZ 2015 was to identify the cause of ramping time errors in the electrical generation network that started appearing after the commissioning of the Frequency Keeping Controller (FKC) on the HVDC link between the North and South islands. Three aspects of the problem were considered by subgroups of the main working group. First was an examination of the time error data, second is a construction of simpler dynamical models of the FKC, MFK and governor system and thirdly an exploration of a simplified model of the control system that was provided by Transpower. The simplified model is presented in depth in this article we present the simplified control system model.


generation, time error, frequency control, minz

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21914/anziamj.v57i0.11308

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