Space-like hypersurfaces in locally symmetric Lorentz space

Shu Shichang


Let M be an n-dimensional space-like hypersurface in a locally symmetric Lorentz space, with n(n−1)R=κH(κ>0) and satisfying certain additional conditions on the sectional curvature. Denote by S and H the squared norm of the second fundamental form and the mean curvature of M, respectively. We show that if the mean curvature is nonnegative and attains its maximum on M, then:
(1) if H2<4(n−1)c/n2, M is totally umbilical;
(2) if H2=4(n−1)c/n2, M is totally umbilical or is an isoparametric hypersurface;
(3) if H2>4(n−1)c/n2 and S satisfies some pinching conditions, M is totally umbilical or is an isoparametric hypersurface.



locally symmetric; Lorentz space; hypersurfaces; totally umbilical


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