Blood flow in a double output centrifugal artificial heart pump as a biventricular assist device


  • Dongchoon Sin
  • Andy C. C. Tan
  • Neil Kelson
  • Gary Chadwick



Recent results show that left ventricular assist devices can extend patient's lives, but may cause right heart failure syndrome; consequently, these patients require a right ventricular assist device. Therefore, biventricular assist device implantation is recommended for long term use. Current development of a biVentricular Assist Device consists of left and right chambers housed in a single unit with different chamber capacity to cater for the differential pressure in left and right outputs. This article proposes a novel biventricular assist device design and estimates the leakage flow. To identify the leakage flow in a biventricular assist device, numerical simulations calculate the velocity profiles and the volumetric flow rates; the results show that the leakage flow rate is dependent on the variation in impeller rotational speed. Computational fluid dynamics simulation is essential to ensure effective and reliable small blood pumps. References
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Proceedings Computational Techniques and Applications Conference