Localized radial basis functions for no-arbitrage pricing of options under stochastic alpha–beta–rho dynamics





stochastic alpha–beta–rho model, local radial basis functions, financial options, no-arbitrage prices


Closed-form explicit formulas for implied Black–Scholes volatilities provide a rapid evaluation method for European options under the popular stochastic alpha–beta–rho (SABR) model. However, it is well known that computed prices using the implied volatilities are only accurate for short-term maturities, but, for longer maturities, a more accurate method is required. This work addresses this accuracy problem for long-term maturities by numerically solving the no-arbitrage partial differential equation with an absorbing boundary condition at zero. Localized radial basis functions in a finite-difference mode are employed for the development of a computational method for solving the resulting two-dimensional pricing equation. The proposed method can use either multiquadrics or inverse multiquadrics, which are shown to have comparable performances. Numerical results illustrate the accuracy of the proposed method and, more importantly, that the computed risk-neutral probability densities are nonnegative. These two key properties indicate that the method of solution using localized meshless methods is a viable and efficient means for price computations under SABR dynamics.


Author Biography

Nawdha Thakoor, University of Mauritius

 Lecturer in Financial Mathematics, Department of Mathematics, University of Mauritius, Reduit, Mauritius.





Special Issue for Financial Mathematics, Probability and Statistics