Concrush: Understanding fugitive dust production and potential emission at a recycled concrete manufacturing facility




Dust, Erosion, air quality


The production and emission of fugitive dust is a topic of
concern that Concrush brought to the MISG, 2020. Concrush
is recycled concrete manufacturing company in the Hunter
region of New South Wales. Concrush's operations produce
fugitive dust, fine particles that can escape the site.
Fugitive dust can travel long distances from the site of
emission, and can have negative health impacts including
respiratory illnesses. Presently, concrete recycling
facilities are managed by the Environmental Protection
Agency using guidelines initially developed for the coal
industry. Concrush seeks to understand the appropriateness
of these guidelines, and how they can reduce and manage
fugitive dust on their Teralba site. Mathematical modelling
of dust emission and transport, together with a review of
similar processes in the literature, identified a number of
practical options for Concrush to reduce their dust
emissions. In addition, opportunities for improved data
collection are identified.





Proceedings of the Mathematics in Industry Study Group