Part 1, July 2006, Table of contents


  • Tony Roberts



ISSN : 1446-8735


Volume 48   Part 1
JULY   2006

Freely forming groups: Trying to be rare       Michael Baake, Uwe Grimm and Harald Jockusch 1 Parallelisation of sparse grids for large scale data analysis       Jochen Garcke, Markus Hegland and Ole Nielsen 11 Wavelet and discrete cosine transforms for inserting information into BMP images       I. Orea-Flores, M. A. Acevedo and J. López-Bonilla 23 Blowup properties for several diffusion systems with localised sources       Zhaoyin Xiang, Qiong Chen and Chunlai Mu 37 Travelling waves for the population genetics model with delay       Guojian Lin and Rong Yuan 57 Explicit eigenvalues and inverses of several Toeplitz matrices       Wen-Chyuan Yueh and Sui Sun Cheng 73 The exponential of a constant matrix on time scales       A. Zafer 99 Water wave scattering by two submerged nearly vertical barriers       B. N. Mandal and Soumen De 107 SEIR epidemic model with delay       Ping Yan and Shengqiang Liu 119 On the discrete asymptotic stability conditions of perturbed linear discrete systems with periodic coefficients       Kemal Uslu 135 Some multivariable Gaussian hypergeometric extensions of the Preece theorem       M. I. Qureshi, M. Sadiq Khan, M. A. Pathan and N. U. Khan 143





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