Proceedings of the Mathematics in Industry Study Group 2010

John J Shepherd, Andrew Stacey, Anthony J. Roberts


MISG 2010
Melbourne, Australia
7--12 February 2010

This Special Section of the ANZIAM Journal (Electronic Supplement) contains the refereed papers from the 2010 Mathematics and Statistics in Industry Study Group (MISG 2010) held at RMIT University in 7--12 February 2010. The MISG is a special interest meeting of ANZIAM, the Australia and New Zealand Industrial and Applied Mathematics(ANZIAM) division of the Australian Mathematics Society. The MISG meetings take place annually and provide a forum where problems proposed by industry can be worked on intensively, by high profile scientists in the fields of Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research, from both Australia and New Zealand, along with representatives from the industries proposing the problems.

Four problems were presented from diverse industries, with 76 delegates in attendance.

All the papers were written by the problem moderators in consultation with the company representatives. The manuscripts were submitted to the editors; Associate Professor John Shepherd, Dr Andrew Stacey and Professor Tony Roberts; and were subsequently refereed by two expert referees. On the advice of the referees manuscripts were accepted for publication, subject to the recommended revisions, and formally approved by the editorial committee.

  • Director: Associate Professor John Shepherd
  • Deputy Directors: Dr John Gear and Dr Lynne McArthur
  • Administrative Officer: Ms Petra Siskos

Two invited speakers presented at the conference:

Some thoughts on MISG
Professor Phil Broadbridge, La Trobe University
Double Counting: Ensuring Industry Engagement Includes Academic Output
Associate Professor John Boland, University of South Australia

We gratefully acknowledge support from the following organisations:

  • Brain Research Institute;
  • Australian Antarctic Division;
  • Defence Science and Technology Organization;
  • WA Geothermal Centre of Excellence;
  • Minitab;
  • AddSoft;
  • AMSI;
  • RMIT University.

We are also grateful to Professor Dennis Gibson, Chancellor of RMIT University for his opening address, and to Dr Bob Anderssen of CSIRO for his closing remarks.

Equation free summaries
  1. Understanding the abnormal brain activity in epilepsy as a potential predictor of the onset of an epileptic seizure
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  2. Taxonomic analysis of marine phytoplankton
      Download (15KB)    Indexing metadata
  3. Geothermal data analysis and optimization
      Download (194KB)    Indexing metadata
  4. Influence diagrams to support decision making
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industrial mathematics

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