Taxonomic analysis of marine phytoplankton


  • Bill Whiten
  • Barry McDonald
  • Chris Drovandi



Taxonomic analysis, Positive matrix factorisation


Samples of sea water contain phytoplankton taxa in varying amounts, and marine scientists are interested in the relative abundance of each taxa. Their relative biomass can be ascertained indirectly by measuring the quantity of various pigments using high performance liquid chromatography. However, the conversion from pigment to taxa is mathematically non trivial as it is a positive matrix factorisation problem where both matrices are unknown beyond the level of initial estimates. The prior information on the pigment to taxa conversion matrix is used to give the problem a unique solution. An iteration of two non-negative least squares algorithms gives satisfactory results. Some sample analysis of data indicates prospects for this type of analysis. An alternative more computationally intensive approach using Bayesian methods is discussed. References
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