Study of river flow based on finite element analysis and GPS-echo-sounder measurement


  • Masaji Watanabe
  • . Hashentuya
  • Yoji Otani
  • Kazuhiro Yamamoto



Currents of a river are analyzed numerically by introducing data concerning the water depth into a finite element analysis of the partial differential equations of the flow. Techniques to simulate currents generated in the river are described. The region is divided in the vertical direction into layers, and a finite element discretization in the horizontal direction is applied. Results of the simulation of flow generated in the Yoshii River in Okayama Prefecture of Japan are shown. We also introduce our techniques to measure the river bed topography using a hardware system consisting of a global positioning system and an echo sounder. Data obtained by using the system are introduced into the analysis of flow and corresponding numerical results are generated. References
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Proceedings Computational Techniques and Applications Conference