Fractional models for the migration of biological cells in complex spatial domains


  • Nicole Cusimano Queensland University of Technology
  • Kevin Burrage Oxford University Computing Laboratory
  • Pamela Burrage Queensland University of Technology



Travelling wave phenomena are observed in many biological applications. Mathematical theory of standard reaction-diffusion problems shows that simple partial differential equations exhibit travelling wave solutions with constant wavespeed and such models are used to describe, for example, waves of chemical concentrations, electrical signals, cell migration, waves of epidemics and population dynamics. However, as in the study of cell motion in complex spatial geometries, experimental data are often not consistent with constant wavespeed. Non-local spatial models are successfully used to model anomalous diffusion and spatial heterogeneity in different physical contexts. We develop a fractional model based on the Fisher--Kolmogoroff equation, analyse it for its wavespeed properties, and relate the numerical results obtained from our simulations to experimental data describing enteric neural crest-derived cells migrating along the intact gut of mouse embryos. The model proposed essentially combines fractional and standard diffusion in different regions of the spatial domain and qualitatively reproduces the behaviour of neural crest-derived cells observed in the caecum and the hindgut of mouse embryos during in vivo experiments. References
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Proceedings Computational Techniques and Applications Conference