Visualisation of complex flows using texture-based techniques

David James Warne, J. Young, N. A. Kelson


Detailed representations of complex flow datasets are often difficult to generate using traditional vector visualisation techniques such as arrow plots and streamlines. This is particularly true when the flow regime changes in time. Texture based techniques, which are based on the advection of dense textures, are novel techniques for visualising such flows. We review two popular texture based techniques and their application to flow datasets sourced from active research projects. The techniques investigated were Line integral convolution [Cabral and Leedom, SIGGRAPH'93, pp.263--270, 1993], and Image based flow visualisation [van Wijk, SIGGRAPH'02, pp.745--754, 2002]. We evaluate these and report on their effectiveness from a visualisation perspective. We also report on their ease of implementation and computational overheads.

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Vector Visualisation; Texture-based Techniques; Line integral Convolution; Image Based Flow Visualisation; Computational Fluid Dynamics

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