Using a finite element grid on corner points in flow models


  • C. J. Matthews
  • R. D. Braddock
  • G. C. Sander



One of the main functions of a multilayer cover liner is to prevent water from infiltrating into mine or other waste thereby preventing the occurrence of ground water pollution. In the past, numerical models have predominantly dealt with vertical infiltration or infiltration into sloping hillsides of infinite extent. The two layer model investigated in this paper has a more realistic shape which is piece-wise linear with a horizontal top, vertical bottom and a sloping section in-between. At the intersection of these segments are corner points where there are changes from sloping flow dynamics to either vertical or horizontal flow dynamics, depending on the corner point. The abrupt change in dynamics at the corner points can cause numerical problems especially when dealing with the boundary condition at the interface of two soils. This paper will deal with the corner point problem at the soil layer interface and, in particular, investigate the use of a finite element grid around the corner points.





Proceedings Computational Techniques and Applications Conference