Motion of a slip sphere in a nonconcentric fictitious spherical envelope of micropolar fluid

Elsayed I Saad


Stokes’ axisymmetrical translational motion of a slip sphere, located anywhere on the diameter of a virtual spherical fluid ‘cell’, is investigated. The fluid is micropolar and flows are parallel to the line connecting the two centres. An infinite-series solution is presented for the stream function, pressure field, vorticity, microrotation component, shear stress and couple stress of the flow. Basset-type slip boundary conditions on the sphere surface are used for velocity and microrotation. The Happel and Kuwabara boundary conditions are used on the fictitious surface of the cell model. Numerical results for the normalized drag force acting on the sphere are obtained with excellent convergence for various values of the volume fraction, the relative distance between the centre of the sphere and the virtual envelope, the vortex viscosity parameter and the slip coefficients of the sphere. In the special case when the spherical particle is in the concentric position with the cell surface, the numerical values of the normalized drag force agree with the available values in the literature.



micropolar fluid, slip condition, cell models, normalized drag force.


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