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The ANZIAM Journal accepts papers in any field of applied mathematics. Novel applications of mathematics in real situations are especially welcomed, and all papers should include some indication of applicability. If a paper is inappropriate for ANZIAM J, it is sufficient to state this at the outset, giving a brief report without detailed comments.

Papers are expected to report original research, to be of good quality, and to be written in a style suitable for publication in this Journal. There should be an introduction that is understandable by non-specialist readers from the whole applied mathematical community.

Are the style and exposition of the paper satisfactory? If not, can you suggest improvements which the author might make in a revised version?

Often a paper can be improved greatly with some judicious shortening. It may be, for example, that there are 10 or 15 diagrams or tables but two or three are adequate. Or one argument or section may follow another slavishly in its detail. In such a situation it is usually more professional not to give full detail for both. Again an argument may include many obvious steps of routine algebra. Journal space and the readers' time are becoming increasingly valuable. A paper which is clear and to the point is more readily assimilated and helps us to publish other authors' work earlier. Please say if you feel some tightening is appropriate.

How does the paper compare for interest and scientific value with other recent papers in its area?

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