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Vol 90, No 1 (2014)

Table of Contents


Counting symmetric colourings of the vertices of a regular polygon
Y. Zelenyuk, Y. Zelenyuk
On the exponential Diophantine equation \((m^2+1)^x+(cm^2-1)^y=(am)^z \)
T. Miyazaki, N. Terai
A note on the Diophantine equation \(x^2+q^m=c^n\)
N. Terai
The quantitative distribution of Hecke eigenvalues
Y. Wang
New infinite families of congruences modulo 4 and 8 for 1-shell totally symmetric plane partitions
O. X. M. Yao
Elliptic curves arising from Brahmagupta quadrilaterals
F. Izadi, F. Khoshnam, D. Moody, A. S. Zargar
(Strongly) Gorenstein flat modules over group rings
A. Bahlekeh
Some inequalities of Jensen type for arg-square convex functions of unitary operators in Hilbert spaces
S. S. Dragomir
A probabilistic proof of the Open Mapping theorem for analytic functions.
G. Markowsky
Korányi's lemma for homogeneous Siegel domains of type II. Applications and extended results
D. Bekolle, H. Ishi, C. Nana
A new unique continuation property for the Korteweg-de Vries equation
M. Chen, P. Gao
Almost automorphic solutions for differential equations with piecewise constant argument
L.-L. Zhang, H.-X. Li
The multiplier algebra of a Beurling algebra
S. J. Bhatt, P. A. Dabhi, H. V. Dedania
Joins and covers in inverse semigroups and tight C*-algebras
A. P. Donsig, D. Milan
Reflexive index of a family of subspaces
W. E. Longstaff
A note on spaces with a rank 2-diagonal
W.-F. Xuan, W.-X. Shi
A note on K-spaces
H. Wang, W. He
On discrete stochastic processes with disjunctive outcomes
K. Lesniak
An efficient method for improving the computational performance of the cubic Lucas cryptosystem
R. N. Majid, E. Sundararajan, Z. M. Ali

Abstracts of PhD Theses

Aspects of globular higher category theory
C. Kachour
Connectedness and minimal length elements in spaces of bounded curvature paths
J. Ayala

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