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The BULLETIN of the Australian Mathematical Society began publication in 1969. Normally two volumes of three numbers are published annually. Since 2008 the journal has been published by Cambridge University Press.

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Vol 89, No 2 (2014)

Table of Contents


Complement of the zero divisor graph of a lattice
V. Joshi, A. Khiste
The \(\mathbb{F}_2\)-cohomology rings of \(\mathbb{S}ol^3\)-manifolds
J. A. Hillman
On noninner automorphisms of finite nonabelian \(p\)-groups
S. M. Ghoraishi
Remarks on the univalence criterion of Pascu and Pascu
V. Bharanedhar, S. Ponnusamy
An example concerning bounded linear regularity of subspaces in Hilbert space
S. Reich, A. J. Zaslavski
Weak continuity of the complex \(k\)-Hessian operators with respect to local uniform convergence
N. S. Trudinger, W. Zhang
Character clusters for Lie algebra modules over a field of non-zero characteristic
D. W. Barnes
Strictly positive solutions for one-dimensional nonlinear problems involving the \(p\)-Laplacian
U. Kaufmann, I. Medri
Conciseness of coprime commutators in finite groups
C. Acciarri, P. Shumyatsky, A. Thillaisundaram
A new upper bound for \(|\zeta(1+it)|\)
T. Trudgian
Comparison of measures of totally positive polynomials
V. Flammang
On a question of Hartwig and Luh
S. J. Dittmer, D. Khurana, P. P. Nielsen
The natural partial order on some transformation semigroups
S. Chaopraknoi, T. Phongpattanacharoen, P. Rawiwan
On conjugacy of supplements of normal subgroups of finite groups
A. Ballester-Bolinches, L. M. Ezquerro
On solutions to some polynomial congruences in small boxes
I. E. Shparlinksi
On summability conditions for interval maps
H. Li
A note on the Diophantine equation \((na)^x + (nb)^y = (nc)^z\)
M. J. Deng
Self-complementary vertex-transitive graphs of order a product of two primes
C. H. Li, G. Rao
A remark on the permutation representations afforded by the embeddings of \(\mathrm{O}_{2m}^\pm(2^f)\) in \(\mathrm{Sp}_{2m}(2^f)\)
S. Guest, A. Previtali, P. Spiga
Some remarks on the Pigola-Rigoli-Setti version of the Omori-Yau maximum principle
A. P. Barreto, F. Fontenele
Neat and coneat submodules of modules over commutative rings
S. Crivei

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