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The BULLETIN of the Australian Mathematical Society began publication in 1969. Normally two volumes of three numbers are published annually. Since 2008 the journal has been published by Cambridge University Press.

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Vol 90, No 2 (2014)

Table of Contents


On \(\gamma\)-vectors and the derivatives of the tangent and secant functions
S.-M. Ma
On deficient-perfect numbers
M. Tang, M. Feng
The minimal growth of a \(k\)-regular sequence
J. P. Bell, M. Coons, K. G. Hare
Generalisation of Keith's conjecture on \(9\)-regular partitions and \(3\)-cores
B. L. S. Lin, A. Y. Z. Wang
A note on interpolation of permutations of a subset of a finite field
C. Castillo, R. S. Coulter, S. Smith
On a class of supersoluble groups
A. Ballester-Bolinches, J. C. Beidleman, R. Esteban-Romero, M. F. Ragland
On noninner 2-automorphisms of finite 2-groups
A. Abdollahi, S. M. Ghoraishi
Noninner automorphisms of order \(p\) in finite \( p\)-groups of coclass 2, when \(p\) > 2
S. Fouladi, R. Orfi
On a problem of P. Hall for Engel words II
F. G. Russo
On solubility of groups with few normalisers
M. Zarrin
Solvability of finite groups with four conjugacy class sizes of certain elements
Q. Jiang, C. Shao
Bornologies and locally Lipschitz functions
G. Beer, M. I. Garrido
Some results on comparing two integral means for absolutely continuous functions and applications
D.-Y. Hwang, S. S. Dragomir
Characterisations of Hardy growth spaces with doubling weights
E. Doubtsov
Carleman estimate and unique continuation property for the linear stochastic Kortweg-De Vries equation
P. Gao
Barrelled spaces with(out) separable quotients
J. Kakol, S. A. Saxon, A. R. Todd
A further property of spherical isometries
R. Tanaka
Domination by positive weak* Dunford-Pettis operators on Banach lattices
J. X. Chen, Z. L. Chen, G. X. Ji
An existence result for a variational-like inequality
D. Inoan
Statistical causality and martingale representation property with application to stochastic differential equations
L. Petrović, D. Valjarevic
Determinacy and indeterminacy of games played on complete metric spaces
L. Fishman, T. Ly, D. Simmons

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