On improving the accuracy of simple aerial towed-cable system models


  • D. E. Sgarioto
  • P. Williams
  • P. M. Trivailo




We outline a novel procedure for improving the accuracy of a simple one-link aerial towed-cable system model. The primary objective of this work is to provide a systematic framework for matching the dynamical motion of a simple aerial towed-cable system model with that of a correspondingly more complex model. The final outcome is to achieve a compromise between a model's representativeness and the ease with which it can be used for control purposes. By modifying the cable length and the payload drag coefficient of the simple model, the equilibrium position of the cable tip may be matched analytically to that of the more complex model. The modified cable length and drag coefficient are then used in dynamic simulations and shown to dramatically improve the accuracy of the simple model.





Proceedings Engineering Mathematics and Applications Conference