Combined instructions and template for articles submitted to the ANZIAM Journal

Anthony John Roberts


Use LaTeX to generate the PDF to be submitted for consideration. Either from the links below, or from the "Supplementary files" for this article (in the Reading Tools menu on the right-hand side of this page):
  • download the leaflet, anziamleaflet.pdf, as a handy reference;
  • download the new short style file, anziamjedraft.sty;
  • download the new LaTeX template, template.tex;
  • and perhaps what it looks like, template.pdf;
  • Interactive three dimensional plots for documents, i3dp.pdf.
    • Either here or in the Supplementary Files section, use "Save link as ..." to download.


Remember, for most actions you have to record/upload into this online system
and then inform the editor/author via clicking on an email icon or Completion button.
ANZIAM Journal, ISSN 1446-8735, copyright Australian Mathematical Society.