Exact solutions for the Poiseuille flow of a generalized Maxwell fluid induced by time-dependent shear stress

Waseem Akhtar, Corina Fetecau, A. U. Awan


The Poiseuille flow of a generalized Maxwell fluid is discussed. The velocity field and shear stress corresponding to the flow in an infinite circular cylinder are obtained by means of the Laplace and Hankel transforms. The motion is caused by the infinite cylinder which is under the action of a longitudinal time-dependent shear stress. Both solutions are obtained in the form of infinite series. Similar solutions for ordinary Maxwell and Newtonian fluids are obtained as limiting cases. Finally, the influence of the material and fractional parameters on the fluid motion is brought to light.



generalized Maxwell fluid; exact solutions; time-dependent shear stress

DOI: https://doi.org/10.21914/anziamj.v51i0.1637

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