Subgrid parameterisations for high resolution atmospheric flows


  • Vassili Kitsios
  • Jorgen Frederiksen
  • Meelis Zidikheri



large eddy simulation, stochastic subgrid modelling


Numerical and computational methods are developed for the Large Eddy Simulation of atmospheric flows on a sphere with a spectral quasigeostrophic model. The subgrid scales of motion are parameterised using a net eddy viscosity that is derived from a high resolution reference Direct Numerical Simulation with $504$~zonal and total wavenumbers or $1536 \times 768$ grid points (longitude by latitude). Simulations are undertaken for a wide range of truncation wavenumbers to determine the influence of resolution on the net eddy viscosity. A universal scaling law for these coefficients is established for application to large eddy simulations of more general geophysical flows. References
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Proceedings Computational Techniques and Applications Conference