Free-surface flow under a sluice gate of an inclined wall from deep water

Leo Hari Wiryanto


Nonlinear solutions of free surface flow under a sluice gate are studied. Upstream, the fluid is assumed to be infinitely deep, and the gate is at an angle to the horizontal axis. The flow emerges from the gate and produces a uniform flow far downstream. The problem is solved numerically by a boundary element method derived from an integral equation along the free surface. An analytical function is constructed, related to the upstream flow, so that the integral equation is solvable. As a result, a free surface flow with smooth detachment from the edge of the gate is obtained for relatively large upstream Froude numbers. As the Froude number decreases, a free surface with back flow near the edge of the gate occurs, until at a certain Froude number a stagnation point occurs.

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Free surface flow, sluice gate, boundary integral equation, stagnation point

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