The lattice Boltzmann method for turbulent channel flows using graphics processing units


  • Vanja Zecevic
  • Michael P. Kirkpatrick
  • Steven W. Armfield



Lattice Boltzmann, GPU, CUDA, graphics processing unit, DNS, turbulent, channel flow, parallel, HPC


We performed a direct numerical simulation of turbulent channel flow at Reynolds number 180 using the Lattice Boltzmann method. We used the single relaxation time collision operator. The code was executed using graphics processing units as a highly parallel high performance computing platform. Results are compared to published direct numerical simulation results. We avoid common drawbacks of the method, such as compressibility error and instability at higher Reynolds numbers, by using a sufficiently small Mach number and lattice spacing. We validate the Lattice Boltzmann method using the single relaxation time collision operator as an effective tool for continued research into fundamental turbulent flows. The method is less suitable for wall bounded turbulence since these flows benefit from an increased resolution near the wall while the standard Lattice Boltzmann method requires an isotropic, homogeneous lattice. This work validates the method as well as being a guide to suitable parameter ranges and target flows. References
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Proceedings Computational Techniques and Applications Conference