An efficient algorithm for simulating scattering by a large number of two dimensional particles


  • Mahadevan Ganesh
  • Stuart Collin Hawkins



multiple scattering, acoustic scattering


Simulation of waves scattered by a large number of particles is important for several applications---for example, to investigate interactions between particles in an ensemble---and hence to design efficient configurations. Substantial computer memory is required for the direct treatment of an ensemble with hundreds of particles as a single scattering configuration. This memory bottleneck is avoided by using multiple scattering iterative methods, which allow treatment of one particle at a time, but require substantial computing time at each step of the iteration to take into account reflections from the rest of the particles, and require a large number of iterations for convergence. We develop a novel fast, high order, memory efficient algorithm to simulate multiple acoustic scattering induced by an ensemble with hundreds of particles in two space dimensions. References
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Proceedings Computational Techniques and Applications Conference