Modeling Menaquinone 7 production in tray type solid state fermenter

Raja Mahanama, Aydin Berenjian, Hub Regtop, Andrea Talbot, Fariba Dehghani, John Matthew Kavanagh


The fermented Japanese food Natto contains menaquinone 7 which is known to reduce the incidence of bone fractures and cardio vascular diseases. Natto is traditionally produced by the solid state fermentation of soy beans by Bacillus subtilis natto. A mathematical model is developed for describing the production of menaquinone 7 in a static solid substrate bed supported on a tray fermenter using parameters obtained from literature for similar micro-organisms. Two model parameters were fitted to experimental data obtained to predict menaquinone 7 production. The postulated model presented in the form of a sensitivity analysis is likely to yield valuable insights on the dynamic behaviour of bacterial kinetics, including the formation of products such as menaquinone 7 as the first step towards scaling up.

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Fermentation modelling

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