Efficient solvers for the shallow water equations on a sphere


  • Ilya Tregubov University of New South Wales
  • Thanh Tran University of New South Wales




Shallow Water Equations, radial basis function, spherical spline, preconditioning


We present a finite element method using spherical splines to solve the shallow water equations on a sphere involving satellite data. We compare the proposed method with a meshless method using radial basis functions. The use of either radial basis functions or spherical splines leads to ill-conditioned systems of linear equations. To accelerate the solution process we use additive Schwarz and alternate triangular preconditioners. Some numerical experiments are presented to show the effectiveness of both preconditioners. References
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Author Biographies

Ilya Tregubov, University of New South Wales

School of Mathematics and Statistics Ph. D. Student

Thanh Tran, University of New South Wales

School of Mathematics and Statistics Associate Professor





Proceedings Computational Techniques and Applications Conference