Refined spectral estimates for preconditioned saddle point linear systems in a non-standard inner product


  • Mattia Tani Universita' di Bologna
  • Valeria Simoncini Universita' di Bologna



Saddle point problems, spectral analysis


Linear systems in saddle point form arise in a wide variety of applications including fluid dynamics, elasticity and constrained optimization problems. Indefinite preconditioners lead to effective strategies for solving these systems. Short term iterative methods such as conjugate gradients can be employed if an inner product is determined that makes the preconditioned coefficient matrix symmetric and positive definite with respect to that inner product. We present new detailed spectral estimates for such preconditioned problems that improve our understanding of the expected behavior of indefinite preconditioners when applied to real problems. References
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Author Biographies

Mattia Tani, Universita' di Bologna

Dipartimento di Matematica, Ph.D. Studenti

Valeria Simoncini, Universita' di Bologna

Dipartimento di Matematica, Professor





Proceedings Computational Techniques and Applications Conference