Subgrid parameterisations for primitive equation atmospheric models

Jorgen Segerlund Frederiksen, Martin Dix, Stacey Osbrough, Vassili Kitsios


Dynamical and thermodynamical subgrid-scale parameterisations of eddy drain, net dissipation and stochastic backscatter are calculated for a multi-level primitive equation atmospheric general circulation model. The parameterisations have only moderate variability with height and a cusp behaviour with peaks near the largest retained wavenumber. Vertically integrated net dissipation functions for vorticity and temperature are very similar to corresponding results for barotropic simulations while the divergence dissipation is nearly four times stronger. Atmospheric general circulation model simulations with the new subgrid model improve kinetic energy spectra and zonal flows compared with control simulations.



Subgrid modelling; climate models; large-eddy simulations

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