Influence of location, number and shape of corrugations in slider bearings


  • B. P. Huynh
  • S. Loe



The effects of location and shape of a localised corrugation on the performance of a fixed inclined slider bearing are investigated numerically, using a finite element method. It is shown that normal force increases uniformly as the corrugation is relocated downstream in the bearing gap, from being less than that of the smooth walled case to being higher, while flow rate decreases, also uniformly. Corrugation with the shape of rectangle waves produce largest changes in pressure distribution, normal force and flow rate, relative to the smooth walled case. This is followed by sine-wave corrugation, whereas triangle-wave corrugation produces smallest changes. The number of corrugation waves produces similar, but weaker, changes in normal force and flow rate, to the corrugation volume, when this is used as a parameter characterizing corrugation shape.





Proceedings Computational Techniques and Applications Conference