On the noise-resolution duality, Heisenberg uncertainty and Shannon's information


  • Timur Gureyev Monash Universtiy, CSIRO, University of New England
  • Frank de Hoog CSIRO Digital Productivity
  • Yakov Nesterets CSIRO Manufacturing Flagship, University of New England
  • David Paganin Monash University




uncertainty inequalities, Heisenberg uncertainty, Shannon information, noise, spatial resolution


Several variations of the Heisenberg uncertainty inequality are derived on the basis of `noise-resolution duality' recently proposed by us. The same approach leads to a related inequality that provides an upper limit for the information capacity of imaging systems in terms of the number of imaging quanta (particles) used in the experiment. These results are useful in the context of biomedical imaging constrained by the radiation dose delivered to the sample, or in imaging (e.g., astronomical) problems under low light conditions. References
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Proceedings Computational Techniques and Applications Conference