Simulation of transonic flows using quad-core OpenMP Euler, flux modified transonic small disturbance, and Fluent codes

Eddie Ly, Daniel Norrison, Alexabder Robert Barrett


This article investigates what performance can be achieved when executing an aerodynamic code on a quad-core based personal computer with an OpenMP compiler in a Windows environment. Euler equations are solved in two dimensions for simplicity, to predict flow field around an aerofoil on an O-type boundary fitted structured grid. The grid is generated by solving a system of Poisson's equations utilising an efficient method of false transients, coupled with an approximate factorisation technique and variable time steps cycling process. Comparison between the OpenMP Euler, flux modified transonic small disturbance and Fluent results for transonic flow fields, with shock waves, around a NACA0012 aerofoil is presented.

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Aerodynamics, approximate factorisation, CFD, elliptic equations, Euler equation, FLUENT, grid generation, method of false transients, shock waves, transonic, TSD equation

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