Differential games with many pursuers when evader moves on the surface of a cylinder

Atamurat Shamuratovich Kuchkarov, Risman Mat Hasim, Malik Abu Hassan


We study a pursuit differential game with many Pursuers when the Evader moves on the surface of a given cylinder. Maximal speeds of all players are equal. We consider two cases: in the first case, the Pursuers move arbitrarily without phase constraints; and in the second case, the Pursuers move on the surface of the cylinder. In both cases, we give necessary and sufficient conditions to complete the pursuit. In addition, in the second case, we show that pursuit differential game on a cylinder are equivalent to a differential game on the plane with many groups of Pursuers where each group consists of infinite number of pursuers having the same control parameter.

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differential game, control, strategy, pursuit, evasion.

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