Parametric space for nonlinearly excited phase equation


  • Dmitry V. Strunin Southern Queensland University
  • Mayada Gassab Mohammed University of Southern Queensland



nonlinear excitation, Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation,


Slow variations in the phase of oscillators coupled by diffusion is generally described by a partial differential equation involving infinitely many terms. We consider the case of nonlocal coupling and numerically evaluate the ranges of parameters leading to different forms of a finite truncation of the equation, namely a form based on nonlinear excitation and a form based on linear excitation---the Kuramoto--Sivashinsky equation. References
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Author Biographies

Dmitry V. Strunin, Southern Queensland University

Department of Mathematics and Computing

Mayada Gassab Mohammed, University of Southern Queensland

Department of Mathematics and Computing





Proceedings Engineering Mathematics and Applications Conference